james koehnline collages

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hello people, where can i get informations and BIG images of james koehnline's work ? i dream of some huge prints to order or maybe a catalogue. thank you. best wishes from berlin, ap

-- alexander poets (alek_sander@gmx.li), December 15, 2000



-- Sean (terwilliger@deerfield.edu), February 13, 2001.

Send and email to him.......jkoehnline@isomedia.com

-- carrie (funkup420@aol.com), February 16, 2001.

i want get hotel management geree from germany.if u have program about management so mail me.or u have some university website so also mail me. thank's

-- abdul rahman (rahman004@hotmail.com), April 01, 2001.

Anyone interested in Koehnline's work can access his web site through this link http://trnsnd.net/moons2.html

-- Andi Frank (harpo@isomedia.com), May 02, 2001.

we r two persons from pakistan we want to take addmission in hotel management collaege please help us and tell us which collage is best for hotel management

-- lucky ,,, anwar (luckykhan_pk@hotmail.com ,, anwarali1556@yahoo.com), May 20, 2002.

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