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Anyone else notice the trend of ER docs falling in and out of love with psychiatrists?

1st season - Susan Lewis dates Dr. Div Cvetic, who turns out to be depressed and leaves town. Last we see of him, he's yelling for someone to run over him in the rain at a busy intersection.

3rd season - Still trying to recover from the loss of Susan, Mark dates Dr. Nina Pomeranz, who has a daughter Rachel's age. They break up when Mark sets 3 dates in one evening.

7th season - Weaver and Legaspi. Hey, at least she got rid of her hiccups!

**Tries to shake out a mental image of DeRaad and one of the female cast members**

-- Margaret (, December 15, 2000


Romono and Deraad

-- Satoshi (, December 15, 2000.

Sorry female cast member. Deraad and Cleo

-- satoshi (, December 15, 2000.

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