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After last night's episode, I am truly torn between Carter/Deb and Carter/Abby. Carter was wonderful with Deb during the delivery--he really stepped up to the plate in the true friend catagory. And Abby was great with Carter when he reached out to her for help after the Vicotin incident. She really pulled thru like a good AA sponsor should. (I agree that she should have told Keri about the incident because she needs to know that throwing him back on nights was too soon-even it they were jammed because of Mark being gone. But of of course I understand that Carter wants his credibility back and he probably thinks telling Keri will hinder his chances.)Any thoughts?

-- mimi (, December 15, 2000


Abby was a good sponser last night-- and that's all she should be to Carter. I didn't see anything close to romantic when she told Carter she'll go to a meeting with him; what I saw was an AA sponser, who was obviously doing everything by protocol, was reassuring and trying to make sense of the situation. I think they'll remain good friends, and help each other, but having seen the episode, I think I'm all for a Carter/Deb relationship somewhere down the road. They truly have that kind of potential romantic chemistry, and they complement each other. It's true what Carter said about Lamaze coaching bringing people closer together. Deb and Carter had a special bond previously, which has now grown even more.

I too, think that Kerry should be aware of the situation, sooner rather than later. As ER chief, she shouldn't be kept out of the loop, as she is responsible for Carter as well as the ER. As for telling Kerry hindering his chances, remember in Sand and Water when Mark thinks that Carter is coming back too soon, and that if he tries anything again, there'll be no more chances? Based on that, I can see why Carter wants to keep it quiet. Personally, I think he and Abby should sort out the problem,(and I think Abby can do this) get it under control, and then tell Kerry once it's been taken care of so that she can decide what to do, how more to help Carter, and if there would be any restrictions that would have to be placed. Carter needs to be honest, first, to himself-- he needs to know that he has not yet recovered, and that he has a long way to go. Once he accepts that, I think he'll be more comfortable with his situation.

-- samira (, December 15, 2000.

I totally agree with you, samira! Carter really needs to be honest to himself first! I really hope that last night episode was a small turning point for himself- i mean him actually confessing without anyone pushing him to! But i am a little afraid that he did this only because he was afraid of the consequences (going back to Alanta, getting in trouble, etc.). I really hope that Carter actually paid a lot of attension at the AA meeting. I have a question- did he not want to ask Kerry so he could go home because he was afraid she would be suspicious?? Oh, and responding to the original question- i am hoping that Carter and Deb will get together. I loved the scene where he was holding her baby!! It was really sweet!

-- Irene (, December 15, 2000.

Before I started seeing chemistry between Abby and Carter I wanted Carter with Deb. But now I've changed my mind. I want Carter with Abby. I don't think he likes Deb the same way he likes Abby. He never searches out Deb but he does Abby. And I felt so bad for him last week when Luka just came and swept Abby away.

-- Karen (, December 15, 2000.

Yes, I am torn! I would be happy to see either pairing. Before I was kind of leaning more towards Abby, mainly because the Sand and Water scene was wonderful, and they showed a lot of chemistry, (and I don't like Abby with Luka) but the way Deb was so dependent and thankful with Carter was great...and the fact that she called *him* and trusted him at the last minute was beautiful, and Carter literally held her hand through the whole thing. Very sweet. I knew what was going to happen but I was so hoping for her to keep the baby. So I was thinking how great it would be if Deb could have another baby, with Carter someday. They could look back on that. Though would her parents approve of that either? I don't really like the fact that Deb said the reason she was giving the baby up was because of her parents. Neither did Carter I guess! I think this will be very hard on her in the upcoming episodes...I'm just wondering how they'll account for her 3 or 4 episode absence. Anyways, even though I knew this one would be a little depressing, I really miss those old, spirited holiday shows ER used to have with everyone happy and together by the end. Guess those days are over!

Anyways, I'd be happy with either, but I just hope they fix him up with one of them before the show's over. He needs a woman!

-- Elaine (, December 15, 2000.

I would really see Carter with Jing Mei. They care about each other. Yesterday Carter helped Jing Mei and supported her and last spring Jing Mei was the only one concerned for Carter (the bi-polar thing). After seeing them last night I am all for Carter and Deb. Besides, I don't think it is such a good idea for Carter to live with Abby who is a much more troubled person (lack of confidence, bi-polar mother, alcoholic, not-so-nice ex-husband). I have to say Abby was also supportive of Carter yesterday but I see it as a AA sponsor, a colleague, and maybe a friend support. Finally I don't think Carter's look at Abby and Luka last week was jealousy like someone said on this board. It may well be that he finds this relationship a bit strange asking himself what those to are doing together. But then I may be all wrong, this is the fun of all this!

-- Manon (, December 15, 2000.

Last night just cemented the idea of Deb and Carter in my mind. I guess I feel that for Abby, Carter would be a second choice. She initially wanted to be with Luka, and while I think Carter and Abby make great friends I don't see any more chemistry than that with the two of them. Plus I guess there is something about the fact that both Abby and Luka have previously been married (which I find odd because that never was an issue for me with Elizabeth and Mark).

I guess I think that Deb and Carter have a bond, that Carter and Abby just don't have (I don't think that their addictions connect them in the same way). They have been there for each other during many of the major events of each others lives. They went to med school together, both surviving Benton, Carter supported Deb when she screwed up with the guidewire in that guys chest, and now he serves as her birthing coach. Deb was the person who took care of both Carter and Lucy's charts after the stabbing, she is the person who thought that he might be having trouble dealing with the stabbing. I would just love to see two people who have been friends and supported each other over a period of time have that slowly turn into to something more.

After I saw "The Greatest Gift," I hope that before the show goes off the air we get to see Carter get married and have a kid. I guess for me it would seem that his character had come full circle from the first episode. So my vote is for Deb. Thanks for letting me rant :)

-- Emma (, December 15, 2000.

I am such the hopeless romantic that I am officially (hee hee) removing myself from having a decision in all the possible romantic groups...every episode I sway a different direction (so at the moment I'm all for Carter/Deb). And last week it was Carter/Abby...and then before it was Abby/Luka...(sighs) Sad, no? :)

-- Jen (, December 15, 2000.

I'm not torn! I have always enjoyed seeing Carter and Chen together, starting when they were med school rivals. I was delighted when she came back (I loved her first scene back when Carter looks up at her in shock). And the most recent episode was the best-- it was so sweet when he kissed her forehead, and so nice to see this ordinarily very self-assured woman become vulnerable and say she thought she could get through it alone, but... I thought it was a nice mirror image of him waking up on the table after being stabbed last year and saying "Deb?" Also, my ears prick up whenever she calls him "John" and he calls her "Deb." I thought it was great when she said he wasn't acting shocked, she hadn't told him who the baby's father was, and he shrugged and said he'd figured. Quite the contrast to Dr. Dave! I guess I'm rambling at this point.

I do like Carter and Abby together, as friends and in the sponsor relationship, and I felt that she handled the situation well, but I don't get the same kind of enjoyment out of their moments together as I do when it's Carter and Chen. I also did not see any jealousy on his part over Abby and Luka-- I thought it was friendship/concern because he didn't think Abby was getting what she needed out of her relationship with Luka.

-- Karen (, December 15, 2000.

Great topic. I too am torn! A few weeks ago I was leaning Carter/ Abby, now I'm all confused... while Carter and Deb seem to be more touchy-feely, the scene in the drug lockup with Carter and Abby was pretty intense, if only because of the honesty between them. Abby didn't exactly want Carter to lose his chance and be sent down to Atlanta again, either, so she quickly came up with an alternative.

I just hope the writers pair him with ONE of these characters, instead of bringing on another outside woman. I know it seems now as if they're planning on getting him together with Abby or Deb, but you never know.

-- Ellen (, December 15, 2000.

I am all for Carter and Deb. Last night's eppy just cemented that. Not only are they comfortable with each other as friends, there is that physical touching (Carter holding her hand, Carter kissing her forehead) that looked so natural between the two of them. While it was a serious episode with the labour and then Deb giving away her baby (nice bi-racial couple by the way, that woman looks familiar but I can't place her) they also can joke with each other, like when the nurse has to come in to massage her uterus and Deb says he probably won't want to stick around the room to see that. It's so nice to see Deb vulnerable and needing Carter for a change instead of being only a confident self-possessed sort of person which she is usually seen as. As for Abby and Carter I don't see any romantic chemistry there only a very good friendship and of course that bond he feels for her as his sponsor. I don't see any jealousy on Carter's part for Abby and Luka. I suspect Carter doesn't approve of their relationship because it is not emotionally healthy and he is simply worried about Abby's state of mind, what with her mother's visit. Getting back to Deb and Carter-they have history, they have been friends and rivals for a long time and they have chemistry. They also have similar backgrounds and obviously care for each other a great deal. They support each other a lot and that is a good basis for a true romance

-- Laura (, December 15, 2000.

Well, if Carter and Abby ever did get together I wouldn't see it as a second choice on her part, but a realization that he's the one who cares about her. Remember too, that he's the one who told her "not to worry" about a relationship between them, and she said "oh, thanks." However, as I said, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing the gradual flirtation between either Carter and Abby or Carter and Deb. It would be so cute. Carter is adorable when he's trying to get a woman, and he hasn't had much romance in a long time. He needs it! What's the matter with people, he's like the most eligible bachelor in the hospital.

-- Elaine (, December 15, 2000.

I guessed I missed something last night but I really only saw Carter and Deb as best friends. That's it! I really don't think Carter's interested in her in a romantic way. I haven't seen that yet. But I think the writers want Abby and Carter together. That's what I've been hearing from rumors. But I wouldn't be too disappointed if Carter and Deb get together.

-- Karen (, December 15, 2000.

Karen, I don't think that Carter or Deb are interested in each other, I just think that they could evolve into a great couple. Actually I was surprised that there wasn't any type of assumption that he was her significant other (even though Carter introduced himself as Deb's friend), afterall they treated each other as if they were each others best friend (which I'm hoping that most married people consider their spouse to be). Any way this does seem to be the first time in a long time that there seem to be viable romantic interests for Carter in the ER, and the greatest thing is that neither of them are blond :)

-- Emma (, December 16, 2000.

I haven't seen "Greatest of Gifts" yet, but upon viewing I'm sure it will only strengthen my desire to see Deb & John together as a couple. Why? For all the wonderful reasons mentioned above, plus they're just adorable together - more than Abby & Carter could ever be.

-- anne (, December 16, 2000.

I have always thought Jing Mei and John would be a great couple. I think Abby and Carter should remain in a sponsor/friend relationship. I just do not think they are good for each other as anything more. Jing Mei and Carter have a history together, they both come from similar backgrounds, I think it could be one of those things where they don't realize they have feelings for each other and then - bam- there they are.

I do love Abby and Carter's relationship, but I don't want it to go any further. I get the feeling that Carter may be a little too "boring" for Abby. She needs "excitement" in her life.

-- amanda (, December 16, 2000.

Not torn at all. While Carter and Abby are great friends, I think he and Deb have more "couple chemistry".

-- Maureen S. (, December 16, 2000.

Carter and Deb. No question. I've been thinking that since right after the stabbing, when Deb was hovering over Carter, so concerned. I'd just love to see them together.


-- Brandy Martinez-Rogers (, December 17, 2000.

I used to think they would be great together, but now I think that they are just good friends. Sorta like Carol and Mark. same relationship.

-- Jessie (, December 17, 2000.

Can't we get any relationships with the cast members and others outside of the ER? I know the ER doctors and nurses know other people besides those who they work with. Having too many relationships between cast members turns it into a soap opera, not a drama series.

-- Brad (, December 17, 2000.

Could it be that Abby's pairing with Luka a way to make room for Carter and Chen? The latter were so wonderful together in "The Greatest of Gifts". I don't see why not. Carter has been through hell and Chen (not quite hell) has been through a fairly tough time. They are of the same age, same rank (roughly), same background (wealthy). They would go well together. Abby and Luka, on the other hand, are splintered souls. Abby comes from a broken home, had a history of substance abuse and a broken marriage. Luka has emerged from a tragedy too great to comprehend (in my opinion). What is needed, however, is for these two to talk. Surely they know how to do that. Don't they trust one another? Luka looks Abby constantly. I think he wants to talk to Abby but distances himself. Abby has always been independent in these matters because she's had to be. This has to be sorted out.

-- joan8018 (, December 18, 2000.

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