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Hello NC Ravers! My name is Ian - aka Dj Orpheus(Messenger Productions, CO and Red Pill Productions, NY). I am based out of Vail, and Denver CO - as well as NYC. I will be in Winston Salem this spring for my cousins wedding, and am looking for a booking on or around May 19th. I'm trying to get a jump-start on my agent contacting Promoters in the NC/SC/VA area as I would love to play a night or three during the two weeks I'll be in the area. Most of my relatives in the three states have never heard me play, and half of them don't even really know what it is I do. If you know of anyone who may be throwing a party, or if you are throwing a party. I'd be more than happy to work cheap, and will be supplying my own airfare as I have to be there anyway. I can play a wide variety of music. I specialize mainly in Progressive Trance, Hard house, trance-breaks, speed garage, and hard acid trance. Though I am also a full-on Jungle/Drum and Bass dj if that is what is desired. Please, if you have any suggestions or would like to obtain a demo, contact my agent, Karen Rosenburg @ the following address., or She can also be reached in NY at the following number - (516) 627-0753 I don't currently have a website, but further information is attainable at the following address Thank you all for your time, and I'll hopefully look forward to meeting some if not all of you =) Ian

-- Anonymous, December 14, 2000


I would like to correspond with you in regards to an outdoor event we are planning in the mid/late spring of 2001 just outside of Jacksonville, in Onslow Co.

Right now we are just in the brainstorming process, so a lot of plans haven't been set, but if you hit me back at my email addy (, maybe we could talk it over a little!

I look forward to hearing from you, -Mike S

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

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