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I know this will sound stupid to a lot of you...but how do I go about getting a full credit check so I can work out EXACTLY how much I owe? Thus enabling me to actually sort out the problems of a misspent youth! Thanks in advance! Neill

-- Neill (, December 14, 2000


Hi Neill

To obtain a copy of your credit file you will need to write off to both of the credit reference agencies - Equifax and Experian - I believe that the addressess are listed elsewhere on this site. You will need to send a 2.00 fee to each agency and they usually ask that you provide all the addressess that you have lived at for the last six years. You can also telephone Experian and pay the fee over the telephone and give your details etc and they will will post out your file by royal mail. Good luck

-- Jo (, December 14, 2000.

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