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WebPosted Wed Dec 13 17:35:07 2000 FREDERICTON - A Canadian Regional Airlines jet made an emergency landing at the Fredericton airport at noon on Wednesday. None of the 41 passengers and four crew on board were hurt.

The company said the Fokker F28 blew one of its two engines. It was on a flight from Toronto to Fredericton.

The airport seems to be running into a bit of bad luck. Last month, another Fokker ran out of runway and stopped in a snowy field near a busy highway.

During the election campaign, the plane carrying Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day, aides and reporters, blew an engine as it was preparing to land there.

And three years ago, an Air Canada jet veered off the runway and ended up in the midst of some trees.

No one's been killed in any of the incidents, though nine people were seriously injured in the Air Canada crash.

Pilots have complained for years that the airport's runways are too short. Transport Canada says there are plans to improve the airport but the short runways had nothing to do with the problems on Wednesday.

-- Doris (, December 13, 2000

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