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I am looking for any information, or reference to information and photos from the 1860-65 time period pertaining to Civil War Related rail activities.

-- Donald P. Montgomery (M8860@AOL.COM), December 13, 2000



To start,track down copies of George Abdill's Civil War Railroads and E.P. Alexander Civil War Railroads and Models. Both are out of print but ususally fairly available through used book dealers. The Abdill book is largely photos while the Alexander book has some text, mostly about union railroads. Also, Roy and Arthur Meredith's Mr. Lincoln's Military Railroads is a mix of text and photos. This is probably out of print also. The USMRR apparently took over most of the union railroads, including renumbering the locomotives. The South apparently let what railroads existed operate as private entities without much centralize authority. This should be a good start for you.

-- Jerry Dowling (, December 16, 2000.

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