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The National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau(NACAB) now has a report titled 'The Long Shadow: CAB evidence of mortgage shortfall debt' available to view on its website.

Visit and click on the 'Consumer and Debt' heading under Social Policy. You will need to register(with minimum details), but then you will be able to access the report.

-- Catherine Adams (, December 13, 2000


If anyone is interested, I have a very long document from CAB which is used by theor advisors on shortfall recovery. It is far too long to be posted on this site but I will gladly send copies to anyone e- mailing me directly.

It contains much of what is on this site but some other interesting stuff and things looked at from a different angle. It also has info about MIG policies etc that may be of use.

-- Matt (, December 13, 2000.

I think The Long Shadow is a very hard-hitting document and that it got a great deal of useful, well-deserved publicity.

I have, however, been interested to hear stories from people who were advised by CAB staff in the past to offer, and begin paying, monthly installments on unproven shortfall 'debts'. This had the effect of (a) admitting the debt, and (b) re-setting the clock.

I would prefer to see CAB staff advise repossessees to put the lender to 'strict proof' of the debt, under Civil Procedure Rules, as does this HRP web site. But that's my opinion. And let's face it, some solicitors don't even do this. (See HRP under Repossession. Read everything - there is some new stuff!)

This is *not* a criticism of CAB, who do fantastic job with regard to 'conventional' debt negotiation. This is just an observation that in the light of recent information (especially that which has come to the fore via a spate of recent press attention), that 'strict proof' should perhaps be the way to go?

Like I say, it's just my opinion. Ask for the proof to which you are entitled.

-- Eleanor Scott (, December 15, 2000.

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