Outdoor Photographer Wanted

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Photographer (amateur?) wanted-- I'd like a volunteer to take pix of my home decorated for Christmas. Daytime is fine, and evening would be terrific. I will of course be happy to pay for film and developing costs. You can answer here, or e-mail me privately. Thanks!

-- Nancy (njmillman@earthlink.net), December 12, 2000


One person you should touch base with is Alan Kresse. You've probably seen his pictures in the Town Crier, or on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse (he takes a lot of the photos for the swim team). I know he does outdoor shots, and he could say whether he does houses (I think his specialty is in photographing people). Here is his e-mail.

-- Michael Berney (mgberney@yahoo.com), December 18, 2000.

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