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OK, I dig through my box of old photos, 1978 photo mat pictures of me in my grade 5 Halloween costume. Well, over time some got wet (am I the only one who can't take care of my history) and stuck. Is there any way to save them -- soak in photo-flow, or Husler wash aid? just go for it and rip? Hmmm. Sure would like to save them.

Dean Lastoria

-- Dean Lastoria (, December 11, 2000


Put the prints in water. After 30 minutes or so, very gently separate them as much as you can without tearing the emulsion. Continue this way until they separate. I don't know that adding anything to the water will help, although a little print-flattener might.

-- Keith Nichols (, December 11, 2000.

Dean, Adding a bit of photo-flo to the water soak will help speed the process. But plan on allowing at least 1/2 hour before tryng to seperate the prints. Don't force then. Once seperated, then wash.

-- jim megargee (, December 11, 2000.

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