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This is not a question but FYI.

The Rocky Mount Telegram today (12/11/00) has an article about ACL 308 restoration. It begins on the front page.

Lots of facts are given out, I am unsure of their accuracy. 1)Car to be displayed near restored depot in Rocky Mount. 2)Former RMT employee Tommy Gay doing the restoration 3)1903 Pullman car bought by the Chicago Island Pacific RR in 1903, but could not pay for it 4)Overhauled in Emerson Shops 1944-45 Page 2 5) Car is being stored/restored at city whse on Albermarle Street(this is correct as I have visited it several times) 6)Flood nearly wiped out restoration effort said Peter Varney, Asst city manager who is coordinating restoration effort. Waters came high enough to damage the trucks. Trucks in Deleware for repair. 7) Car bought from Camp Willow Run in Littleton in 1998 for $15,000. 8) Restoration costs about $150K. 9)Car will be parked near old bus station (I think this is in front of Dillon Supply) and opened for prearranged tours.

The Telegram apparently does not have this info online. No info given about the use of this car as an excutive car or its name. A completition date was not given.

-- Tom Stallings (, December 11, 2000


Where else are there old heavyweight business cars on static display or otherwise from the ACL or SAL?

-- Dick Kearns (, December 16, 2000.

Tom, The car that is being restored was ACL 303 and will be on display outside the new bus station.(old REA building) The city hopes to use the car for trips on the Nash County RR.

-- Gary Riccio (, December 11, 2000.

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