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I am from Germany and will be travelling to TN in January. I would like to obtain information about the tyagarajah festival near Thanjavur(exact dates,programme). thank you

-- Girisha Fernando (on.the.offshore@gmx.de), December 11, 2000


i could see your querry only today(13.02.2001).sorry. however the details are : thiruvayyar is about 15 kms from tanjore in tamil nadu where the great musician is laid to rest and his voice/compositions are rendered day in and day out in the homes of the town. the house where he stayed has been dedicated to music learners in that village.however it is unfortunate, the 2nd generation after him and who stay near the temple do not have any knowledge or interest in the music. it is pity theyare using taped voices of his compositions. it is no exageration that throughout the karnatic music loving world, no music sabha is comlete unless there is atleast one composition of this great musician. he is remembered ever and forever by all music lovers throughout.

-- satyanarayana (siripada@rediffmail.com), February 13, 2001.

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