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I am a28 year old American living in the beautiful state of Maryland- the city of Baltimore- how do I meet Cathy Rogers? She is so beautiful and talented- film, music, scholar- wow! Any ideas? (no stalking stuff please! - I'm only admiring from afar...) I'm so jealous of you Brits- all we have here are bimbos!

Al Yukna Guitarist Pulaski

-- Al Yukna (, December 10, 2000


You could apply to be on the new series of Junkyard Wars

-- Andy Bell (, December 13, 2000.

Hah! You said it, man. I live here in Flordia, where the drought of intelligent, well-rounded women is even more severe. Perhaps we ought to set up a team together? Our theme could be that we want to meet her! :)

-- Eiki Martinson (, January 10, 2001.


Figures -- half of the asocial nerd-types are falling in love with Cathy now. Better hide her before it's too late! ;) ;) I wonder if Cathy really wanted to attract this sort of fame ...


- Yves

-- Yves Lacombe (, January 14, 2001.

Cathy Rogers is great on your show. She adds great spontaneity and general concern for the teams to finish the desired projects. I would build anything for her. She is a definite winner !

/--------+ idea ? have a crane retreve something from / | off of a cliff /| | ps I like building things from junkyards / | ( ) preferably floats for our christmas light parade that we have in Helper, Utah every year. ()-----()

-- Steven Montoya (, January 18, 2001.

Hey Cathy!

How about a Cathy Rogers Fan Club??

It's only fair with all these guy's wanting to know more about you! What are your likes/dislikes, hobbies, favourite Scrap Teams etc.

Don't be shy. We won't bite

Cheers Daren

-- Daren Slack (, March 13, 2001.

Meet Cathy Rogers? -Simple!!

Guess what color her eyes are, guess what shade her hair is, guess what her genuine interests are, and what appeals to her.

You have just passed the qualifier! (I came through with about a C+)

Next - Get in a rather long line of people waiting for Cathy Rogers to wish to meet -them-.


-- Timothy Raisbeck (, May 07, 2001.

Al -

You have guitarist in you address! Did you notice it too? Cathy Rogers has the hands of a guitar virtuoso. I was going to guess that she was related to Danny Kirwan from the shape of her eyes, her nose, and chin. On the other hand - She does have Robin Trower's hands.

I confess to being rather envious of them

-Tim (Has hands like Dave Matthews)

-- Timothy Raisbeck (, May 07, 2001.


Actually, the next phase of my plan is to post some music on my website with keyboard openings - I cooked up some good pro-quality pop-rock. I figure at the least I am going to get a producer out of the deal. It will be up by Thursday night.

By the way, I just went digital. If you record, what digital does for your music is -astounding-. It makes a 4-tracker sound like a wax cylinder gramaphone.


-- Tim Raisbeck (, May 09, 2001.

I've got some pills you can take...make you believe anything you want..

-- Jack Bitner (, March 04, 2002.

You shouldnt be jealous of us brits. Give me a bimbo anyday, inteligent women are demanding and I assume you have never been to britian. We only have a few attractive women and they allways end up on TV so spare a thought for the rest of the women here. I will do a house swap anyday.

-- Dave Want (, May 02, 2002.

Well, Dave. I'll strike a deal with you.

The American government would be willing to trade you Pamela Anderson for Cathy Rogers.

Trust me, we aren't losing a damn thing in the process. Hell, you can have Anderson in exchange for tea.

-- Frank (, July 04, 2002.

You sad group of dip shiits... Like you are ever going to meet her... When you all grow up into adults you will realise you are all sad individuals!

-- A person who knows (, November 02, 2002.

I Think that might have been Cathy herself...who just called you guys dip shits...LOL..

-- Relina Heero (, November 11, 2002.

I only know that I've fallen in love with her, and that I'll never meet her, and that this is terribly, ridiculously pathetic.

-- Bill (, December 01, 2002.

I would lick her ass all day long... but ehh... drop the eye shadow baby...

-- Horny moffo (, October 01, 2004.

Cathy rogers is just TO sexy, especialy with short hair, mmmmmmmm she's just great

-- pino bigbird (, October 24, 2004.

As a Former beauty queen and certified techno geek, I can assure you your sexist remarks are not appreciated. Women cannot be exchanged for Tea, we are human beings, now gentlemen please refrain from dragging your knuckles on the ground, It can become quite tiresome and relentless.

Thankyou (one of the last remaining intelligent lifeforms on this planet, a Female)

-- britishbird (, November 07, 2004.

I cant begin to tell you guys how much Cathy looks the spitting image of my ex. Her build, looks, mannerisms all fit perfectly - lucky old me. However, it would turn out she didnt quite have the same nature as Cathy. Infact she was a complete bitch in the end. But I do agree, anyone wanting to meet Cathy has very nice tastes.

-- Un-disclosed (, January 23, 2005.

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