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alright here is the problem im 16 years old almost 17 and any way my parents are dead set against me going to raves. they see it as just a place to do drugs. they dont understand! but i need help or ideas to help convince them that i am both old enuf and responsable enuf to go to a rave.

thanks alot

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2000


You are kinda stuck in a bind. If you try sneaking out, all you will do is loose their trust and add to their already dismal view of the rave culture.

I was lucky in that my mother was liberal enough to actually go with me to my first few raves. Of course I did no drugs, but I warned her that there may be people there using substances, no different from say, a rock concert.

She actually enjoyed the friendly vibe, but determined it was a little too energetic for her liking. This won her over and she has approved of my raving ever since.

Occasionally I still try to get her to hit some with me every once in a while. :-)

My best advice to you is to NOT use "trigger" words that will affect your parent's views negatively of your parties.



Hey mom!!! Can I got to this RAVE???


Hey mom, there is a dance tommorow night, mind if I go?

Shit like that. You are not LYING to them, you are just avoiding terms that carry a nasty stigma with them.

Use your discretion, and hope it works. -Mike

-- Anonymous, December 17, 2000

Hey! I had my mom convinced to let me goto a rave, which is on this saturday, and all of a sudden my dad steps in and bam! I'm not going no more, how great is that? Are there anyother tips you might give me on letting me go? I really like the the rock concert idea, that should work on parents! Thanx guys luv ya Tiana

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2001

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