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The convoy went well, no rioting or shouting, lots of people on the roadsides giving the thumbs-up, waving, and recording. DA called the owners of the horses and requested to meet with them concerning the case, so that's progress. It's also brought attention to efforts to make extreme abuse of animals a felony. I believe we are the only state in which it remains a misdemeaner. Thanks for the support on it all!

-- Epona (, December 10, 2000


The second article is even handed, but the first I found to be very inflammatory even for a small circulation newspaper. It ended with "Estelle Choate of Gardiner, the owner of two horses, said she's "scared what they'll turn into. It's a proven fact that when people abuse animals they end up abusing children or their wives, if not turn into serial killers." Newspapers have a responsibility for even handed reporting and should not inflame public opinion (OK on editorial page, but not news pages).

-- JLS in NW AZ (, December 10, 2000.

Newspapers are also supposed to report what people said, rather than ignore their legitimate concerns.

-- Julie Froelich (, December 10, 2000.

That is true Julie, but don't you think it would be reasonable to edit out the statement "It's a proven fact that when people abuse animals they end up abusing children or their wives, if not turn into serial killers." Unless, of course, you believe that statement.

-- JLS in NW AZ (, December 10, 2000.

The reason they probably included that quote is that they also ran an article stating that it is a proven fact and that in many states the animal control people are trained to look for abuse of people in the home where they are called for animal abuse, and therefore work side- by-side with the department of human services. Serial killers interviewed say they started with animals and it is a link officials are taking seriously.

-- Epona (, December 10, 2000.

I probably am being unreasonable for expecting responsible journalism in small town newspapers. Serious claims like that deserve some background, preferably a scientific study, or several, could have been quoted. Urban myth has no place in the news.

-- JLS in NW AZ (, December 10, 2000.

"I, along with my colleague Arnie Arluke, recently conducted a study of the relationship between animal abuse and human violence. We studied 154 animal abusers who had come to the attention of our local humane society and a "control group" of 154 of their next door neighbors who had not abused animals. We found that abusers were five times more likely than their neighbors to commit acts of human violence such as assault, rape, or murder; four times more likely to commit property offenses; and three times more likely to commit drug offenses. Conclusion: Animal abuse, especially when it's sadistic and aimed at the family pet, is a red flag or a warning sign to be taken seriously. But long before an individual has murderous intentions, we ought to use animal abuse in childhood as a signal that a child needs our help. We ought to get to that child while he is still troubled rather than completely troublesome. (The "he" is accurate because almost all serial killers are men). "

-- Summer (, December 11, 2000.

I agree with your conclusion Summer, if a child abuses an animal we out to get them help. It should make no difference if the child is male or female. However, the child SHOULD NOT be treated like a serial killer as the newspaper article implied. As a sidelight, there have been posts on this forum suggesting animal abusers ought to be killed as punishment for the crime.

-- JLS in NW AZ (, December 11, 2000.

Just to clarify, it wasn't MY conclusion. Jack Levin, the expert being interview in the article (check the link), came to those conclusions. I just quoted what he said.

-- Joy Froelich (, December 11, 2000.

JLS I remember the statements you are referring to about people being killed for the crime of animal abuse. It was a statement made by a woman talking about kitties being killed. You should also note that she stated in that exact same forum she was exagerating. Your argument is cheap.


-- Laura Leek (, December 16, 2000.

Laura, you may consider the argument cheap, but any reference to the taking of a human life, even in jest, I consider tasteless and absolutely unnecessary. There is enough senseless killing of human beings in the world and to suggest it for whatever reason I find exceedingly ignorant.

-- JLS in NW AZ (, December 16, 2000.

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