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Jd posting got me thinking.I think we maybe need to poke a little fun at ourselves.Craig's posting on the schoolkids giving us "survivor names" got me onthe right track. And I remember Ken asking us to post our state, so people know where we are.

So I'm thinking,how about we start stating our state.. of mind ,that is,so people will know what to expect. How about in a little brief before our name?

I want to go first.

I'm thinking instead of maybe Hermit Sharon,it could be Kermit Sharon, as in ,you know- it's not easy being green.

Then I thought Martian Sharon- as in green and from another planet.But probably I'll go with Crabby Old Bat,since it fit's better with the one I have for Nick,Grumpier Old Man. Jd already has dibs on Grumpy Old Man.

But,I didn't stop there. In the middle of the night I came up with some states for you all! I do some of my best thinking in my sleep...or maybe not.

For Ken I first thought Batchelor Farmer Ken,after the shellacking he got from some of the ladies abt his men are men get over it post. But then after reading his Tomcat experience I'm switching to Big Kahunas Ken

Bighearted Anarchist Joel I plagiarized from Craig.

Rodney King Sheepish as in "can't we all just get along". Remember?

Tora! Tora! Tora! Doreen for her fiery rhetoric.

And after the feather ruffling JOJ did on a recent post,I guess GO Jump Off a Cliff Joe could be his choice.

Craig and John-you'll have to come up with your own,I didn't sleep long enough. But I expect you have the wit for the job.

Now y'all note I've been politically correct in pokin' fun from all sides.And if I missed you,please don't feel excluded. It was not intentional. Give me your name and I'll think on it.

Boy, I sure do hope I didn't really step in it.

OK, now your turn. Naturally,one's "state" can change, from day to day, of course.

-- sharon wt (, December 09, 2000


I think you have a little bit to much free time , I always have extra chores that need to be done so come on over .But it was funny .If we keep speading rumors about Ken he may not be single for long .

-- Patty (, December 09, 2000.

sharon, I'm chuckling, but I don't get the moniker for me. Could you please enlighten? Thanks!

-- sheepish (, December 09, 2000.

Hey Sheepish, I get it. Am trying to decide if you are serious or just pulling our leg? Fess' up! God Bless! Wendy

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (, December 09, 2000.

I tried to register www.grumpy old and some other old fart beat me to it! I was so mad I grumped for weeks. And nobody noticed the difference! John

-- John in S. IN (, December 09, 2000.

Hey patty-after Nick read it,he says he thinks I need to get off the farm for a bit.Well,so it might be cabin fever setting in already.

Now,Patty,I still got one or two things to finish up here,but I'll be right over to help out soon as I'm done. It shouldn't take me mor'n oh I don't know...... maybe 15-20 years.But keep some viddles warm for me til I get there, would ya.

Hey sheepish - your appeal for civility in the heat of the election fury is what brought Rodney King's statement to mind when he said after his beating and the riots that followed "can't we all just get along?" And,boy, things did seemed a little "riotous" here,for a while.

Of course this is also only my slightly atrified, twisted brain at work-So do feel free to substitute in your own particular phrase on what would most clearly represent your state of mind.

-- sharon wt (, December 09, 2000.

Thanks ,John, for the belly laugh.I knew you wouldn't dissapoint.

Ken had a good story he sent me email. it's just the slightest bit off color.It passed my "prissy' test. Not that that means anything one way or the other.Maybe we can convince him he can post it?

-- sharon wt (, December 09, 2000.

If someone e-mails me, I'll pass it along. Just remind me it pertains to a particular medical speciality.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, December 11, 2000.

I concur with all of the above, without reservation or comment!

Brad the meek

-- Brad (, December 11, 2000.

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