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I have always thought that it would be interesting to row across Lake Superior, but have never pursued doing so. Seeing the references to rowers who are crossing oceans or circumnavigating the globe, crossing Lake Superior must be pretty commonplace by comparison. If anyone has done so, I'd be interested in hearing about what type of boat was used, what equipment necessary, how long it took, etc. If anyone can lead me to an article on the subject,I'd appreciate it.

-- Ken Wegmeyer (, December 09, 2000


Be careful, or kiss your ass good by. Big water , big waves, (for a lake). Very, very cold water. Drown as fast as possible to avoid suffering. I have done the lake in several diff. dir. all have been very diff. @ best. I used a heavily modified version of an old town adventure 17 (a square stern version of a big canoe) to wage the war. I won the battle but suffered horrible. I am offering plans of the modification. please post for more info.

-- mark skapyak (, October 22, 2002.

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