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I don't know about anyone else, but was that the saddest, most depressing ending to an ER episode (and they've had their share over the years)? Abby crying in secret, Dr. Benton harboring his dead nephew's GF, Dr. Corday compromising herself in deposition, to be topped only by Mark's inoperable brain tumor? (As Ronnie Lott would say, "Boy Howdy.") I didn't tear up tonight as I might have for other episodes; I was just plain exhausted.

Let's not forget Carter, whose petulance over his rehab finally spills out, only to be turned back by Mark's slightly more serious problem. Noah Wyle really does remorse well, doesn't he?

So, back to my original question. Are the writers all having a sucky year, and taking it out on their scripts? I certainly hope they aren't writing this years' episodes based on past experiences.

Perhaps NBC is pressuring them to keep the interest high after all the hoopla from the last two seasons. I hope, as others have in this forum, that ER doesn't degenerate into soap opera-ish epis in the future.

PS: Memo to Michael Michele - Combing your hair in a different direction will not make you act better. Apparently, someone has given you bad advice.

-- Victor H. Mata (, December 08, 2000


So true! This has been a very depressing season, overall. I mean, there have been funny moments but now it seems like everybody has such a tragic life. I'm REALLY tired of the whole thing with Abby and her mom, and I wish something happy would happen to SOMEbody! Give them something to look forward to!

-- Melanie (, December 08, 2000.

Yes! I agree with you both...the depression is getting old. I loved the old ER when you'd see all the wonderful humor and friendships within each episode. I'm hoping, based on the preview, that next week will be much lighter. It seems like Kerry is the only one having a good time, and she wasn't even in this episode! And of course, seeing Dr. Legaspi without Kerry means some kind of future depression...(sigh).

And Victor...your memo to MM is precious! I was OTFLMAO!!! :) Beautifully written!

-- Jen (, December 08, 2000.

Let me just second the kudos to Victor re: MM. Priceless!! ;-)

-- Linda (, December 08, 2000.

I feel I need to be treated for depression after last night's episode. Not only did Corday compromise her personal code of ethics to save her own skin, she DID do something terribly wrong and now a man is paralyzed forever because of this. And not only is he paralyzed, but he was an active man, who surfed and did active things and now of course she has completely ruined him. So what did we learn? In a hurry, she was an incompetent doctor who destroyed someone's life AND she lied about it to save herself. And that's just one storyline. I was thoroughly depressed after watching last night's ep - everyone needs Prozac, I'm surprised they didn't show a commercial for it because it would've been an effective time for selling that particular product. And for GOD'S SAKE, what is going to happen to Kerry and Kim?! The only, ONLY, storyline that is composed of love instead of pure inconsolable suffering and it hasn't hardly been touched on. At this rate, on their second date Kerry and Kim get gay bashed. For this season, it won't be the first episode in which a date has ended in DEATH. Dr....I'm feeling depressed....

-- Spring (, December 08, 2000.

I think this was possibly the worst episode of ER I've ever seen. Melodrama at it's worst. I was actually watching the clock at 9:39PM hoping it was almost over, and I've never done that. I'm a die hard ER fan, but I can only take so much depression. And did we need to open and close with Abby and Kovach's "we don't even talk but we have sex" scenes. We get it, ok? Two very damaged people using one another for comfort. I'd say it's fair to say that the PTB do not plan to make this a long term relationship. As much as I love Anthony Edwards, I've never felt he does deep emotions very well. Every time he tells someone he loves them in his long, drawn out fashion (his dad, Elizabeth) I just cringe because it feels so false. I think he's best as the stalwart ER doc. Leave the emoting to Noah!

-- ELyons (, December 08, 2000.

I loved that ER!!!!

-- Kitty (, December 08, 2000.

These are the most angst-ridden people I've ever seen! I've noticed that this season I've started spending more time admiring direction, camera angles, etc. There's not a lot to admire anymore otherwise. At the beginning, I was the one hollering "Hallelujah! The "old" ER is back! It's good again!" But what happened? It's so dark anymore. The shot of Carters face (the camera swinging around from behind) as Mark told him the news was awsome. It's been used a million times, but it's effective. Looks like Jesse's girlfriend is going to end up being a martyr. She seems to be a good girl that got caught up in a bad situation. But she's bettering herself, which means that TPTB will kill her off within minutes. Probably on Jackie's front lawn, with as much gore as possible spattering on Jackie's family. Whoops, sorry...sarcasm took over for a minute there. Anyway. I see Cleo had her "MM has to smile at least once in this epi, so let's get it over with at the beginning" moment. Good for her. At least she had the sensitivity not to barge into Jackie's house with Peter.

-- Rubi (, December 08, 2000.

This season has been very depressing. I heard a song the other night that would be perfect for alot of the characters right now. It's called "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M.

-- Cammie (, December 08, 2000.

Cammie, "Everybody Hurts" is one of my favorite songs, and last night while I was composing a fanfic having to do with this season, it's the song I get on repeat to keep me in the mood! It is very true.

I happen to really like this season thus far. It is very depressing and I do hope that something good happens to someone. But I like it. The acting has been incredible.

-- Joanne (, December 08, 2000.

Some DJs were talking on the radio this morning about gloomy ER, and how they missed when the show actually did medical stories. Also went on a long rant on the Sally/Abby storyline. I agree to an extent. Thought the show couldn't get more depressing after the Thanksgiving episode, but it did. Season 1 episodes are running in the morning-- truly a "joy" to watch.


-- kathy (, December 08, 2000.

I think this episode was okay, but unfortunatly it seemed to be more depressing because the last few episodes have been really depressing. I like so many others saw the Abby and Maggie interaction and thought this is the Abby I know (you know the one that almost smiled), and then her mom had to go nuts and depressed Abby was back again. However, this episode made me understand some things. For example, it seems to me that Abby is the closed off one not Luka. It was so obvious in this episode that he wanted to help her and be close to her emotionally, but Abby just can't open up to him. Perhaps it's because when she has tried he hasn't been that open, but nonetheless I've come to the conclusion that this is what Abby wants. Plus as a viewer I don't want to see Luka get dumped again. Talk about depressing! Plus doesn't Goran look like a gaint compared to Maura :)

-- Emma (, December 08, 2000.

Cammie- that song fits perfectly. The song is sad, but yet it's the right song for describing this season so far. God, this is depressing. I need to go put on some Christmas music to cheer me up.

-- Andie (, December 08, 2000.

I have to agree with Emma. I think that Luka was making an attempt in this VERY DEPRESSING EPIDOSE. When they left the hospital he had his arm around her, and in bed it looked like he had a hand on her while they were asleep. Touch is very important. I just wish the writers would have given him something to say to her instead of just offering her breakfast. Hopefully coming up we will see some more depth to this relationship.

-- Lisa (, December 08, 2000.


I don't see Luka as the only one being shut out! Neither Luka nor Abby made ANY attempt to talk about their problems. What a totally dysfunctional and disappointing relationship. Last season it was painful to watch the longing in Luka's face when he was with Carol because we all knew it wouldn't go anywhere, but at least we didn't see them compound the situation with gratuitous sex. With this relationship, we see two emotionally crippled people in a downward spiral and it's sad because they seemed to have some potential at the beginning of their unfortunate date.

-- christine (, December 08, 2000.

hey jen, why does seeing Dr. Legaspi without Kerry mean some kind of future depression?

spring, i truly hope weaver/legaspi don't end up as bad as that. I need something good (and not depressing) if im going to watch this season.

-- ghaliya (, December 08, 2000.

ghaliya - you are a stalker!! LOL! That's all I have to say!

-- Spring (, December 08, 2000.








(for next weeks's epi)

Well, considering that we are to assume Deb does end up giving the baby up for adoption, I think we're just in for some more depression. The preview looked very sweet and Christmasy, which I love, but all I could think is, 'Deb's smiling, holding her baby, and she's giving it up". Although it will be good to have some more Carter/Deb, Carter/Abby bonding. Luka and Abby...we are SUPPOSED to think this couple is not right, right?

-- Elaine (, December 08, 2000.

spring, if i keep on saying it then it has to come true! :)

-- ghaliya (, December 08, 2000.

Well you know, I thought 'The Visit' was pretty depressing. Then they showed Lucy getting killed, and THAT was unbelievably depressing. The last night's episode was even MORE depressing than killing off a main character. I think all the people behind ER are brilliant, so I think that if they put their minds to it, they can probably go low enough to force the entire nation to commit collective suicide.

-- Spring (, December 08, 2000.

Just a little trivia, that song Everybody Hurts probably would fit ER, but some of us remember it for the fact that it was put on a Tribute Album following the death of the late HRH Diana, Princess of Wales...which was dedicated to her memory. I can't get past that when I hear it.......never mind ER....

-- Tara (, December 08, 2000.

The song was also written as a sign of hope that everyone hurts but you can get past it. Michael Stipe has said that he wrote the words to reach out to teenagers contemplating suicide. Maybe if it isn't a sign of depression in ER, it can be used as a sign of hope. The line "Everybody hurts, seek comfort in your friends," is very fitting for the show.

-- Joanne (, December 08, 2000.

ghaliya...I figure the way TPTB are writing now, a Legaspi without Weaver might just be setting us up for some more melodrama in future episodes. I'm basing this on the fact that in previous episodes, Legaspi hasn't been seen without Weaver, and because "The Dance We Do" hit quite the all time low on the depression scale. Of course, I'm crossing my fingers that this point of despair that the writers are in is only temporary and will be lifted! :) Maybe we'll see Weaver in an honest to goodness relationship...the shower scene is giving me hope!! :)

-- Jen (, December 09, 2000.

I been thinking about the many depressing episodes we've had this season, so I'm thinking that perhaps the only way the writers can go is perhaps there will be more happiness in future episodes. Afterall I can't see how it can get more depressing, unless Elizabeth is diagnosed with a brain tumor as well.

-- Emma (, December 10, 2000.

Emma, I really hope so. Not the second thing, the first. I am really anticipating what they will be doing in the future. So far all we know are storylines for Kerry and Luka. Where will the rest of them go? I really hope we still get a Mark/Elizabeth wedding, with everyone there. Maybe they'll expand on this Dave/Randi idea...that would bring the ER back to it's former glory! (and to think I totally missed that exchange w/ Randi, Cleo, and Chuni the first's really a great idea, I hope they expand on it...though they never expanded on Cleo's supposed problems...unless they really *were* only about Peter.)

-- Elaine (, December 11, 2000.

Memo from Dr. Robert Romano: So, exactly how much time should I give Lizzy to get over Dr. Baldy's kicking the bucket, before I start courting her again? =)

-- jules (, December 13, 2000.

You know, I think almost every ep this season has had something that made me cry. For some reason, even though this was the most depressing, I didn't get choked up. The one good thing is the very sad last scene with Mark having to tell Lizzie that he probably wouldn't live to see the birth of their baby was a wake-up a call for me. My husband and I have been very depressed lately about the fact that we had planned to buy a house by now, but have had financial setbacks and are probably going to be stuck renting our shoe-box size house for...I don't wanna think about how long. When Mark first showed her the house, I was so jealous of all that space. But then realizing that the most wonderful home in the world doesn't mean anything if you aren't going to be living long enough to even see your kids get out of diapers in it. and YES, I know this is only a TV show-but it put things into perspective. However, while the other eps have been very sad, they at least had some twists, and this one was sooo predictable. I saw almost everything coming a mile away. The 'job interview' was going to turn into a train wreck, Mark was going to go into seizure when Carter was being a jerk, Lizzie was going to look the lawyer right in the eye and lie to save herself. SIGH

-- Rusty (, December 14, 2000.

Jules...LOL! Perhaps we could start our own pool. At this point I'd give 36 after the funeral just long enough for Mark's body to get cold. I actually like the idea of a Dave/Randi couple. It could be very entertaining (which is something is really needed), and as Dave probably isn't going to get much development this season it could be a slower way to introduce some of his redeeming qualities....besides just being young and ignorant. I wonder if the writers are getting kick backs from Prozac?

-- Emma (, December 14, 2000.

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