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It would be nice to get some feedback on the program at the American Museum of Natural History today. I personally think that Stacy deserves KUDOS for arranging this opportunity, the first that I can remember where (almost) all middle school science teachers were together to share a common experience. I hope there will be more to follow. Don't forget to post your comments, constructive criticisms, suggestions, etc., by clicking on "Contribute an answer" at the end of this message on the forum.

Michael Gatton

-- Michael Gatton (, December 07, 2000


I loved museum day. It was great to get out of the building. I think being there made a bigger impact on viewing the museum as a resource than just hearing about it. The ornithological expert was for the birds, but overall this was an educational and enjoyable day. Thank you Stacey! Peter Grosett, Cog in the Military-Industrial Complex

-- Peter Grosett (, December 08, 2000.

I would just like to thank Stacy for putting the whole museum staff development day together. It gave me great ideas on how to use the museum as a resource for myself and my students. It may have even gotten me over my field trip phobia. It was by far the most useful staff development that I have ever been to. I could have done without the expert scientist, but everything else was great.

-- Justine Papierski (, December 10, 2000.

I will start by saying : Thank you Stacy!!! Before the so called "Museum day" , I was not aware of all the resources available for teachers and students!! My students visited the Museum (January 23 and 25) after that particular meeting. They were able to understand the concepts an ecosystem, biodiversity, producers consumers and the list can go on and on.... We work so much on the whole idea of what is the universe, the stars.... our World.... the Museum helps us by bring them to life ( meaning they are real... they are part of us.... ) .... We studied rocks formation.. volcanoes... ) I can write a book ... my students have been studying scientific concepts which are so abstract at times... 75% of my students are new arrivals ( from another country). Most of them do not speak the language( English)...had never seen a Museum aside from pictures and TV... My kids( sorry my students) came back from the Museun with so many ideas for their reseach project... What do scientists do... What reseach are being conducted righ now...If the Daily News and the Distrit want to see the results of such called "the Museum day" , they should visit my class... my kids up to this day, are still talking about theit visit to the Museum....... sorry... I guess I got carry away... but my point being.. It was not a wastes of time... and that film about the dolphin it was terrific... my kids did not get to see it during their visit but I talk to them about it all time... claris

-- Claris Cuevas (, February 19, 2001.

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