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So I was wondering if you think that the Hospital (i.e. Romano) will allow Mark to continue his current patient load in light of his medical condition? I know of several people who continued working full-time while they had cancer (in fact most people I know do), but recently I learned that one of the area hospitals prevented a medical student from interacting with patients because the medical student had a brain tumor? I understand that there are differences when you are an employee and a student, but I was wondering (as Romano doesn't really seem to care about rules) if will make Mark take some type of leave? I think that Mark will be forced to take some type of leave, and then may even have difficulty coming back. Afterall, depending on his treatment he could still be having seizures for several months.

-- Emma (, December 07, 2000


Response to Hospitals reaction to Mark?

Of course, we havent' seen much yet. But from what we saw last week when he had that episode where he couldn't talk while suturing that lady and then on the previews when he has a seizure, I would say there will be some limits placed on him. I would think he should not be doing any traumas...what if he had a seizure right during a procedure? I think Romano will want him to take a leave because he is too worried about getting sued. I don't know what can be done legally. Sounds as if he will probably be gone for awhile if the SPOILERS are true and * * * * * * Mark and Elizabeth go to New York for treatment.

-- amanda (, December 07, 2000.

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Canadian Preview, just in case you haven't heard about it yet

In the Canadian Preview for tonights epi, Mark does have a seizure in trama room 2, but not while a procedure, I believe he was talking to Carter, becase I put it on slow mo and it looked like Carter, although it was fuzzy. Anyway, later in the preview Malucchi asks Mark if he had had a brain seizure, because that's what he had heard, but Mark denies it. It will be interesting to see what happens with this preview.


-- Amy (, December 07, 2000.

Response to Hospitals reaction to Mark?

Thanks for giving the Canadian preview Amy, keep posting them if you don't mind, sometimes (actually most of the time) they show more than ours ever do, and it's usually the stuff we would rather see. And let me know if you want to know about our previews.

Malluchi, of course he would be the one to ask about a serious rumor...I hope he's not arrogant about it, like with Benton's nephew. I took it from our U.S. previews that he and Carter were working on a patient, but that is very interesting if they are just talking and it happens. I mean this will undoubtably be after (SPOILER)



Mark and Abby give Carter a blood test and they have that tension between them (as seen on the Rosie show). Carter will probably feel terrible if they're arguing and then he has a seizure...or maybe they're trying to smooth things over and it happens. Poor Elizabeth will return from her hearing to find even worse bad news. I wonder how they'll tell her. I'm assuming she still won't know.

-- Elaine (, December 07, 2000.

So does anyone know what is going to happen in future episodes. Obviously it's been told that Mark goes to New York for treatment, but is the treatment successful. So many characters have left the show already, I would really be bummed if Mark leaves as well.

-- Tara (, December 07, 2000.


While Mark was playing basketball with Carter he pretty much said that he couldn't work at the hospital anymore.

-- Rusty Priske (, December 08, 2000.

Yes but you know they'll find a way for him to work again. How, I don't know, but I'm sure they will.

-- Elaine (, December 11, 2000.

Well, I dont know Elaine, maybe doing paperwork. I wonder if he can even stay at home without being supervised. What if he has another attack while hes alone? At least in the hospital they'd check on him. Any ideas about this?

-- jules (, December 13, 2000.

I don't know about the way it is with people suffering from seizures due to a brain tumor, but there are millions of people who have seizures on a regular basis that live by themselves and have careers. However, because of the circumstances Mark situation could be different.

-- Emma (, December 14, 2000.

Maybe there's some kind of medication to prevent seizures, like with epylepsia (sp?).

-- jules (, December 14, 2000.

I don't know. There are several medications that are used for epilsey, and Mark is on dilantin (which is a popular one), but often these drugs do not completely stop the seizures, they only reduce them.

-- Emma (, December 14, 2000.

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