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Effective 12/07/2000 at 03:56 the California Independent System Operator is implementing Stage 2 of the Electrical Emergency Plan. The Plan has been implemented for the following reason(s):

Insufficient resources across the ISO Control Area.

Stage 2 is expected to be in effect from Hour Ending 5 through Hour Ending 22.

Participating transmission owners are to notify the Utility Distribution Companies within their operational areas.

Stage 2: Operating reserves are expected to fall below 5%. The UDC will implement interruptible service programs AS DIRECTED BY THE ISO and will take all additional actions necessary in preparation for immediate implementation of electrical emergency plans and await further orders from the ISO.

This message is from Market Operations at the California ISO.

Notice issued at: 12/07/2000 04:01

-- PHO (, December 07, 2000


Today may be the day we go to Stage 3 - Rolling Blackouts in SoCal. This is the earliest I've seen a Stage 2 Emergency declared yet.

-- PHO (, December 07, 2000.

PHO, this week our politicians in Alberta began warning us we will have "brown outs" this winter because of a shortage of power. Meanwhile, the price of home heating (natural gas) has already doubled from last year, and we haven't even had cold weather yet. While Alberta has plenty of natural gas, over 60% of it is being exported to the US. Talk is of a couple of Alaska pipelines opening-up.

-- Rachel Gibson (, December 07, 2000.

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