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Let us consider the beginning. Imagine endless empty space that goes on into infinity non-existence no awareness EVIL.

If we consider the old saying life finds away. GOD came into being by his own will to be, the awareness. Born out of the non-existence the EVIL.

Imagine an awareness hovering in endless space or Darkness as HE would see it.

After a time his thoughts become collective and he begins to think. He is aware of himself and begins to wonder if there were another. After searching for countless billions of years, the loneliness consumes him into obsession with finding another. But there is no other but him. He splits into two separate entities (schizoid only for real) that are equal and opposite in nature. Light - that which creates (Life - the future). Darkness(SHE : Spirit that inhabits the Darkness- The past) - Destroys makes desolate. Each has the same goal to end the loneliness only they have diametrically opposite positions on how to go about it. Chaos vs. Order, Light vs. Darkness, Life vs. Death, Existence vs. non-existence or Good vs. Evil. GOD is the awareness of being before the Darkness. We stand between the Darkness and the Light. Our true purpose is to Be. For that is the will of GOD - to be because HE is. Ja' El they said. When GOD comes again if he comes into Darkness the Earth will be cleansed with the fire of GOD (His true form). If GOD comes into the Light he will make the Earth a new with the Tree and the River of Life. All things are possible if we believe. The power of the Holy Spirit is promised to us by Jesus Christ.

That is why no one has seen GOD because he became separate from himself. The two have to be united into their new form. They want to come and live us, their children and the Angles of Light and Darkness. We are the key to setting them Free from the loneliness forever.

Revelation chap 17 Behold the Beast that was (EVIL or non-existence reined in the beginning there was no awareness) and is not (Evil- the tendency towards non-existence cannot exist in pure form) and yet is (If we lose our sense of awareness the EVIL will return and nothing will exist). The River of Life is man's final salvation. The fruit of Tree of Life is for the Fallen Angles Consummation, Turn from Darkness back to the awareness of GOD. The Leaves are for the Healing of the Nations. The sword of Power blocks our way to it and blinds us from The one who was (The True GOD, the past) The one who is (Man the children of GOD, the present) The one who will be (Christ - the son of man, the future). We will become like the others and they will become like us. The evolution.

The way is through Awareness - GOD's will to be. Understanding is Knowing the Truth Understanding is Accepting the Truth The Truth leads to Understanding which leads to Awareness which strengthens our will to Be. The Truth is put before us but, they do everything they can to keep us from Understanding it.

We have to show them that we are not children anymore. That we have learned to Understand the Truth. And the Truth shall set us all Free. They are counting on us and we can't let them down. But it is ultimately up to them to change - Free will.

Mystery? Who are you? Man who stands between the Darkness and what is Right. What do you want? Freedom Why are you here? To bring order to chaos. Where are you going? The Future

The End of Time - The New Beginning

I don't want you to think that I'm trying to push Ideas on you or anyone else. I have come up with some basic Ideas concerning our fate/destiny. I always believe we should all strive to do what is right. Some answers can only cone from GOD, but I do value the opinion of others even if it does conflict with my views. Tolerance and patient, the rapport with people. To know we should never hate no matter what. The following is mostly what my research is based on. I can't say that it is the answers to our prayers. But I hope that it will instill within all that we are all part of the infinite possibilities and that the Power of the Holy Spirit is promised to us By Christ. He said "All things are possible if we believe". No offense intended to anyone. See Ya! I thank you for your insight. I find that people are very unreceptive to new ways and ideas. I find that I'm usually no exception but, I try to give others the benefit of the doubt and respect their options.

My questions can only be answered by GOD. I have prayed for the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit to guide me to find a way to stop the senseless cycle of destruction.

If you go to some where in the literature the Virgin Mary says that the Devil said "When things are good people forget about GOD and when things are bad they curse GOD." So GOD made a deal with the Devil to allow him to test us. He allowed the Devil 100 years and of course the Devil picked the 20th century. The century official ends this year (The real millennium). Personally I don't believe that what the Devil says is correct at least not for me. I can't speak for anyone else. This doesn't alter the fact that the are playing with our lives. If we die we are just going home, no big deal. We don't see it that way. So what happens to those you do leave behind. Endless torment? If we know that children are starving in another country and do nothing we are just as guilty. No one believes that they can make a difference anymore. Trapped in so called Freedom. Slave to economics, it make no sense at all. Why can't people build TVs because others would enjoy having one? So how much Freedom do we really have. To me Freedom is an illusion, we are all bound by what we are. No asked to be here(unless they are sent by GOD) and no one wants to leave but, we have no choice so we will never be truly Free. So what do we do. Give up. Lose Hope. No keep trying that's evolution. I believe that GOD and the Angles are trying to tell us that we are more that we perceive ourselves to be. And while one man can't change the Universe, he can serve as the catalyst from which change is brought about. We have been that and done that. Where does it end? United we stand. Divided we fall. The problem is most people won't stand together anymore. Even when it's in their best interest. They are too afraid to take chances and fall into the trap. I look at history and realize one thing. The Darkness comes because it always does. Satan himself could never going up against GOD knowing he could never defeat him. So why? What his ace in the hole? He is not a GOD. Problem fantasizes about being one but will never become a GOD. It's crazy and makes absolutely no sense at all. Unless the Ace is the Spirit that inhabits the Darkness and that Spirit is Equal and opposite to GOD. He loves her and they want to be together because they are lonely. Why create creation if your content as you are. Perfection sounds great, but in the case of Life leads to stagnation and ultimately non-existence. We cannot be perfect in the sense that most people imagine. In other words we will never live up to GODs expectations no matter what. However if we consider that we are designed for change then we are in the sense perfect, we adapt. Change comes through the Truth. Go here to read about the 3 days of Darkness. More horror to scare the Hell out of us, of course, just to warn us of what might be. After all they live in the realm of infinite possibly. Read some uplifting Inca prophecy. I like this one everybody wins. This link I really didn't care much for. It's about these Elohim worshippers, Aliens. They say Jesus was really the Devil and tricked us into believing in the resurrection or something. There is a strange Alien movement going on around the globe. Scary.

This is interesting and I have talked to someone who says that he met Christ 3 times face to face. You can read the Book, Face to Face with Jesus Christ by David Serada. Very interesting and mind twisting. And he soundly believes it. He is quite intelligent and very caring and concerned with helping the world. This will blow your mind completely. It talks about the these are supposed to be the true teachings of Christ. These are translations from ancient scrolls found in Egypt in 1945. Take a look at the chapter On the Origin of the World and the The Hypostasis of the Archons. David says that Christ told him that we will battle these Archons in 2012. at these people worship the 7 Mighty Elohim and say that there are 7 places around the world where they reside. The worshipers do there bidding through the Astral plan. Archons? 7 Angles of Death that we chained in the Earth after the Rebellion when the flood came? According to the book of Enoch (who is 7th from Adam from the line of Seth) Enoch transended to heaven without dying and saw the Truth and wrote it down for the generations. He explains that the Dark Angles came to merge with the Daughters of Adam in order to prevent the eventual birth of Christ. But instead created creatures called the Nephilim or Giants(KJV) human/angle hybrids. Very powerful and hell bent on destruction. Which brought on the Flood. So who is to blame? GOD cursed the Day he created man. It was probably because we created a rift between him and his children the angles. The Urantia Papers are interesting but very cryptic as is all of it. Who knows what it all really means. Don't you ever wonder why we have to search for the Truth? But yet the power of the Holy Spirit is promised to us. And we never seem to find it. Résistance to change! Why is it that no one has stepped forward to stop the madness, no one else will that's for sure. We are pretty much on our own, except the Angles help us when they can. We all have to stand together if we are all going to make it.

Let me tell you how I got started in all this. Years ago I read an article in the news paper. It told about how these master thieves broke into a museum filled with priceless jewels and what not. They took only one thing. The Torah scrolls. I did some research and discovered there is a Secret ancient power associated with the Letters of Each paragraph. What it is, Who knows but someone wanted very badly. Recently I've been doing a great deal of research for my new book The End Of Time, Science fiction is cool. The Archons, aliens, angles of light and darkness, GOD the devil, the endless quest for love and the Truth just told a little different. I would hate to think that all the bad things that happen are because we deserve them.

Babylon 5 TV series has some interesting concepts Vorlons and the Shadows, stewards of the Galaxy run amuck and we have to kick them out of the Galaxy eventually.

It is disturbing to learn that there are powerful people very religious down to the bone. They are trying to cause Armageddon in the belief that GOD will cleans the Earth and of course they will inherit the Earth. These people are the real monsters. They have a lot of influence with the media, governments, and who knows how deep it goes.

So what is the Truth? Does anybody really care? Will they draw a line against the Darkness and hold that line no matter the cost?

I hope we never see the Darkness again and pray that GOD will take away the Darkness forever. For all our sakes even the Dark Angles because they need our help more than anyone.

But it seems that it is heading right for us like it or not and there isn't much we really can do to stop it except hope and pray.

All things are possible if we believe. Deepak Chopra M.D. is a another good source of insight.

It try to forget about these things but I find myself thinking about them without even being aware that I doing it? It will either drive me to madness or revelation. I hope it is the latter. How much do I need to know. How much can I learn.

Though we are not now that strength Which in old days moved Earth and Heaven That which we are we are One equal temper of heroic hearts made weak by time and fate But strong in will to strive to seek to find and not to yield

Tennyson, Lord Alfred

I fail to understand why people are so resistant to change? God doesn't want the 3 days of Darkness, it is up to us if it comes or not. Why is it that people refuse to stand together for a common cause that can change the world as whole. Too idealistic? Then go without hope. If we don't take a stand then no one will. You can't expect God to clean up our mess. We have to at least try to make things right, even if we fail God sees our efforts. For the True Man walks along God's given path.

Not for money, not for power, not for glory, not for fame. But because it is Right.

Remember Sunday Dec 10,2000 12noon EST. Light the candles of Life and pray for those who need it the most. United we stand. Divided we Fall. We can re-unite with ourselves and show God and the others that we have Learned to Understand the Truth.

P.S. Please spread the word across the Internet (World) to pray together. Thank You

P.S. Don't forget to light candles. Fro they will light our way if and when the Darkness comes again. Let's hope not. But if we all pray together maybe it won't ever. For the Darkness comes, Because it always does. Thank You

Remember to pray for the Dark Angels and Satan as well. That they may all find their way back home to God and leave us alone. There will come a time when we all must stand and draw a line against the Darkness. We have to hold that line no matter the cost. For the cost is Existence itself, yours and of ours. For we are mankind, Children of God. We stand between the Darkness and what is Right. For the love of God and for the Love of the Holy Spirit. For which the Power was promised us. As long as we believe all things are possible. It would be especially Grateful to picnic if possible. Have a Great Day at the World Prayer Festival and we will see were your faith Truly Lies. Choose now and convert to God, tell all far and wide. If you can't take just a few moments out of your daily lives to give thanks and say a prayer to those who are in need, then prepare for the Darkness. God created man in his own image. His spirit that is. For the Power of the holly spirit is promised us. For God is the Father. and he loves his children even us and the angles. In the end hope is all we have. It's always the innocent that are caught in the middle of the struggle of good and evil. If it can never change then what is point? There is no hope. We must stand between the Darkness and what is Right if change is going to come at all. When the Darkness comes God will save the faithful but, most people aren't going to make it and we will literally be sent back to the stone ages and it will start all over again. We cannot strictly believe in old ways and ideas, change is what life is all about. That change can good or bad. Whatever we choose it to be.

-- Darian Borne (, December 06, 2000


Reading a Christian Bible (I refuse to tarnish ANYTHING with a static, all-eternal definitive article) I came across a passage stating that both Good AND Evil came from "the mouth of god" Himself. Hmmm - makes me wonder...

-- Jagannatha (, August 10, 2001.

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