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What type of geek are you?

-- Tim (, December 06, 2000


Shy, boring, weird; and unappealing.

-- Brian C. Williams (, December 06, 2000.

A former band geek. A computer worshipping geek. A spiffalicious geek. A call-me-a-geek-please-because-there-are-other-meanings-to-the-word- dork geek.

Awwww, look! Kate's getting creative!

An extremely creative geek, at that.

-- Kate (, December 06, 2000.

I'm not a geek. I'm a nerd.

-- Nerds R Kewl (, December 06, 2000.

A CD-collecting geek. I think I'm almost 300 now. Given that 1) I'm only 19, 2) I live in a land where CDs for under 11.99 are very hard to come by, and 3) I had less than a hundred eighteen months ago, methinks I'm doing quite well.

Hey, I don't see no soup!

(PS. I have written some more journal entries, but my lack of FTP and the scankness of Twi's mailbox is preventing them from being uploaded right now. Will try and fix problem today/tomorrow. Keep a grip on thine horses.)

-- Zed (, December 07, 2000.

Like that question needs an answer.

Pretentious indie band geek. Although... Brian Molko? Ahem. I wouldn't mind a shopping day with the ladyman, though. I haven't bought a cd since Kid A came out. I'm so deprived. So... so.. deprived... And if my Smiths cd is played one more time, I'm going to run from the room, yelling "I KILLED THAT CHARMING MAN!"

I'm a big geek all around. I get excited over plastic bracelets and stripey socks. Look at my email address, for goodness sake!

-- Krys (, December 07, 2000.

Huff! T.V Geek? No way! Just because I watch: Angel Buffy Jerry Springer G-string Divas All crap films Any American police dramas I can find La femme Nikita the X-files Black Books Monty Python Clarkson (and on and on and on)

Oh yeah, I don't have Sky, Angel rocks and I've decided to come out. Yes, I am ga- <<<<>>>>>

oops! lost my train of thought... uh, oh yeah! I'm a computer geek too!

-- Sean (, December 07, 2000.

Bus Driver Geek? I resent that! The only reason I know so much is because big fat momma Ken keeps moaning at me. Car geek, I have to agree with.

You didn't mention Mr Beer, the poo geek

-- Nik (, December 08, 2000.

A folk music geek. It'll be a horrible, embarassing death for me I'm sure. For all my black clothes and terminally gloomy rantings - I'm a child of ballads and harmonies.

And I sign random forums in a geeklike manner too. Awfully sorry, but you understand these compulsions, don't you?

-- Fiona (, December 08, 2000.

Yeah yeah so I may be an indie band geek, but you can thank my brother for making me listen to it from the age of about 7! And Brian Molko..hell yeah! A bit of makeup never did anyone any harm...mmm! Plastic bracelets rule! And I like sparkly things. I'm like a big ol' magpie. Krys, you wanna be a magpie with me baby? Hee hee I'm going totally off the point... Er...Geek power...and stuff..

-- sam (, December 08, 2000.

Magpies of the world UNITE and take over!

-- Krys (, December 08, 2000.

Sam, I LOVE plastic bracelets something fierce. I have about 40 of them. All sparkly things amaze me.

I'm sort of a music geek (i bought, on average, 1 CD every week this year), and sort of a history geek, and though i'm not sure if you can really be this type of geek, a hair-dying geek. My hair has been red, blonde, light brown, dark brown, auburn, and is now REALLY red. Have you ever seen "Run Lola Run"? It's about that shade of red. =)

-- Lauren (, December 09, 2000.

Is computer geek not an option or something?

Cuz that's what I am.. or a freaky geek.. hehe.. that sounds cool.


-- heather (, December 09, 2000.

A music geek. I love music. I can't stand silence. Music rocks!!!! NE kind of music will do, so long as it isn't too noisy.I don't listen to radio 4 though like some people(James!) Silence sucks!!!

-- Claire (, December 11, 2000.

Sorry, can't resist it, I'm an Agatha Christie geek. It WILL be my specialist topic on mastermind. Also, isn't a geek someone at a sidesow who performs acts like biting the heads off chickens. (sorry if I'm wrong. Everything I know about America, I know from The Simpsons, except that in a few days, if nothnig happens, the oldest Republican in the world, who barely knows what day it is, will have his finger on the nucleur button)

-- Mr Rubery! (, December 11, 2000.

i am the ultimate music geek i love every type of music ever created i like at least one song from every single artist ever created i worship music and i am the #1 fan of music and i like every aspect of music

-- chris huntley (, February 11, 2003.

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