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Train hits earth-digging bucket

An investigation has been launched after a passenger train crashed into an earth-digging bucket which was left on the track.

The train was carrying passengers between Aberdare and Cardiff in south Wales when the incident happened.

No-one was injured but the 17 passengers and two crew were taken off the train and taken by bus to Cardiff.

The investigation will look at how the metal bucket from a JCB was left on the line near Pontypridd.

Contractors had been working on the line prior to the incident.

A spokeswoman for British Transport said: "Our initial inquiries have ruled out vandalism as a cause of the collision. It seems to be down to railway operational error."

The Health and Safety Executive and Railway Inspectorate have been informed.

Last updated: 20:24 Monday 4th December 2000.

-- Doris (, December 06, 2000

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