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I am trying to determine when this line was completed from Columbia, SC to Savannah, GA. I know it was sometimes in the early 1890s. Does anybody have any information or know where I could look next? Thanks.

-- Andy Rosenbuam (, December 06, 2000


The South Bound RR, "The Magnolia Route", was completed in September 1891, Columbia-Savannah, and taken over by the Florida Central & Peninsular RR in July 1893. The SBRR had 10 locos(six 4-4-0, two 4-6-0 and two others). For rolling stock there were 10 passenger cars, 5 baggage & mail cars, 150 boxcars, 60 flatcars and 4 cabooses. Headquarters was in Savannah. Running time between terminals in 1893 was 4 hours/40 minutes, and there were 29 scheduled stops enroute. The FC&P was leased to the Seaboard in July 1900.

-- Tom Underwood (, December 06, 2000.

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