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I am collecting Grace Livingston Hill books. Any body out there want to part with any? I don't mind about condition. I'd just like to have them all for future grandaughters (and I'm addicted to them!) Thankyou.

-- sindy mengel (, December 05, 2000


I see these books quite often in new or used book stores for reasonable prices.

-- R. (, December 05, 2000.

We used to own a book store and we sold bo-coodles of her books! But I don't have any now! My mama collects them too but won't part with any of them! Just Christian bookstores in your area....they can order them for you!

-- Suzy in 'Bama (, December 05, 2000.

Hi Sindy!Sorry,I have none to part with as I'm collecting them myself. In fact,I told my little girl that she could read them when she is older.If I get any doubles ,I'll send them your way though.

I used to buy mine brand new,but I've lately discovered that I can get several for the price of one on If you've never been there,you can check out the deals by clicking on browse(once there of course)then scrolling till you find books,then clicking on paperbacks,and doing a search for Grace livingston Hill.[Sorry to tell you all this if you are already familiar with eBay.My last deal was for 5 paperback GLH books-in great shape!-for $1.50 + $3.20 shipping.]

I just love her books!These are what I like to read when I want to relax...

Good "luck" and God Bless,~~~Tracy~~~

-- Tracy Jo Neff (, December 05, 2000.

Hi Sindy, You might do better just typing it in the search box as soon as you get to ebay and clicking titles and descriptions too.I went to eBay a bit ago to look for any great deals and could only find a few by my previously described method.Then I went back andjust typed it in search to begin with and got 144 matches.I'll look more tomorrow if I can and if I bid and win and get any doubles I'll send them your way if they are ones you need.

Goodnight and God Bless,~~Tracy~~

-- Tracy Jo Neff (, December 06, 2000.


-- DW (, December 06, 2000.

Sindy, Another great place to search is they specialize in out of print books. You can just type in the author and it will search and bring up all the booksellers that have any copies. You can even narrow your search by adding just the titles you need, the highest amount you want to spend and other things such as first edition copies and/or dust jackets. Good luck,

-- Kathleen Kruger (, December 11, 2000.

Sindy, I have been an avid collector all of my life. I have read nearly every book that Grace Livingston Hill has written. I have recently retired from teaching school for 28 years. We are eBay sellers under the handle of anneteaksrus. I will be putting these books on eBay soon. But, if you are looking for certain titles let me know, because I may have mutiple copies. I plan on keeping only hardback originals and one paperback of each title. I could probably clean house and find the titles you are looking for. Let me know and have a great week! Also, if you would like to e-mail, I could give you a list of other authors that are very similar to GLH. God Bless!! Karolyn

-- Karolyn Pond (, September 05, 2001.

I bought almost all of GLH books from Tyndale Family Products, P. O. Box 448, Wheaton, Illinois 60189-0448. I have both paperback and hardbacks. I also have the books her daughter, Ruth Livingston Hill wrote.

-- Ruth Herling (, January 04, 2002.

When my grandmother passed away I receieved her collection of Grace Livingston Hill books. There are some that she didn't have and I would love to complete the collection. I really enjoy reading her books too. I to have two of some copies that maybe I could trade with someone. Thanks!

-- Kathy Dodson (, January 28, 2002.

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