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Are you a good loser?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (, December 04, 2000


When I have fought the hardest I could and still lose, I think the only choice I have is to go on from there and make the best of it. This is a subject with many tendrils, pick a tendril and end up in an interminable debate. Definitions of words, venues. I don't like to lose, but don't intend to be a sorehead and continue to fight a lost battle. As for this presidential election - - I think both sides have lost and so has the American public.

-- Denver doug (, December 05, 2000.

Yes :) Might sound cliched, but every time I lose, I win a little. It's all for the better, in one way or the other..


-- Ana Susanj (, December 06, 2000.

Who says I'm a loser? Huh? Huh? I demand a recount!

-- Al Gore (, December 07, 2000.

No I am not a good loser. I want to win!!

-- Terri (, December 08, 2000.

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