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In order to better serve the membership and meet your modeling needs, your feedback to the following question is needed: What type of structure model(s)would you like the society to pursue on your behalf?

The HO scale ACL Std No.2 wooden combination depot was released a couple of years ago by American Model Builders. The next HO scale ACL/SAL structure to be released by American Model Builders will be the SAL Std. No.3 wooden combination depot (will give the updated schedule for release as soon as it is received). However, beyond these two kits, there are no other ACL/SAL structure models currently planned by AMB or anyone else to our knowledge. In order to expedite the data gathering process and lobbying efforts by the society, your feedback is kindly requested.

In no particular order here are a few candidates for consideration.

1)ACL Standard wooden interlocking tower; 2)SAL Standard brick depots (2 - common designs to choose from); 3)ACL Standard brick depots (several common designs to choose from); 4)SAL Standard No. 4 wooden combination depot; 5)ACL 1920's design wooden combination depot (ala Cross City FL-need blue prints); 6)SAL Mission style depot (need blueprints); 7)ACL Mission style depot (need blueprints); 8)SAL Produce shed (have footprint dimensions-need blueprints); 9)ACL Produce shed (have footprint dimensions-need blueprints); 10) ACL/SAL Line side structures (tool sheds, signal sheds, etc.).

Thanks in advance for your help and comments.

-- Buddy Hill (, December 04, 2000


I think any of the above would be great, but in 'O' scale. The 'O' scale/gauge market is growing by leaps and bounds, and I know that I would personally like to add a few prototypical structures. I have the ACL depot kit, mainly to use as a half scale template for making a 'O' structure. BTW, Mikes Train House (MTH) has an 'O' wooden water tower that matches the Coastline prototype pretty closely. It should be out soon. Best wishes, Marc

-- Marc L. Hamel (, December 06, 2000.

Buddy, I think the ACL or sal produce sheds woukld be good if we can get the blueprints. The ACL standard brick depots would also be good.

Another idea. If the society has drawings of things like tool sheds, signal sheds, towers, etc. why not publish these in a book so memebers can build these items. I would be happy to help with making CAD drawings from the originals if this help is needed.,

Craig Strickland

-- Craig Strickland (, December 04, 2000.

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