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BOISE _ When state auditors checked up on the
child-support debts that enforcement officials were
pursuing, most of the debt figures were wrong.

That meant the state was dunning some parents for more
than they owed, and others for less. Some families got
more or less than they were due for support.

. . .

When it comes to keeping track of the debts absent
parents owe, "We don't deny that there are inaccuracies,"
Meyer said.

Most are very small, she said. But the audit highlighted
one case in which the amount owed by the absent parent
was understated by $4,602, the amount to be distributed
to the family was understated by $7,912 and the amount
the department should keep to reimburse it for public
assistance paid to the children while awaiting support
payments was overstated by $3,310.

As a result, money that should have gone to the family
had been kept by the department.

The Spokesman Review

-- spider (, December 04, 2000

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