Lookin' for WAV in all the wrong places.

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Sorry bout the subject line, it's late and I'm giddy from lack of sleep. Anyway, I've been looking for a good ER WAV site for months now. Anybody know of one? I keep thinking I found good ones, only to find that the sound links don't work, or they stopped updating in season 2, or whatever. (Although I would really like to have Carol saying "Sticky Bag lady for ya.") If you've got any suggestions, I welcome then with open arms. Goodnight. Rubi

-- Rubi (mommyof2@sigecom.net), December 04, 2000


well, www.neoxer.com has (i think) every song played in ER from seasons 1-7 (yes, it has battle flag and sand and water!) for other things, gozos ER web page EVEN HAS VIDIOES!!!!! but my computer has trouble down loading THE SCENE WHEN MARK KISSES SUSAN!!!!!!!!! these vidioes are not high quality and you can batrely see whats happening but the sound is perfect and myself being a person who only say a tiny part of season 6 and 2 eppies from season5 relies heavaly on the internet. tonys ER page has a vidioe from great expectations - birth of kate and the going down of gabe lawerence. sorry i don't have the URLs. maybe someone ot there has them. Do you know of other places? (good ones, i could name a lot more but they arn't that good)

-- er_aussie (er_aussie@hotmail.com), December 04, 2000.

Maybe I'm wrong but its not gozo's page, its Gonzos page...

-- jules (jules@operamail.com), December 06, 2000.

Do not be so gay!


-- jiblet (sgibbard@bradycorp.com), May 07, 2001.

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