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In the early 60s (late 50s?) ACL ran a spur westward from a spot now known as FULCO JCT just west of downtown Atlanta on its main line into the city. This line went out to a huge new industrial district that streched for several miles along the east bank of the Chattahoochee River. (Six Flags park was built just across the river circa '66-'67.) Many plants and large distribution centers located in this area, whose main traffic artery was Fulton Industrial Blvd. My question is, how much rail traffic is generated for CSX in this area today ? What is the frequency of operations....has some of the leads and spurs been removed/added. ? I worked in this district for a few years in the early 70s.

-- Greg Hodges (, December 03, 2000


Greg, I can help you answer part of your question on the frequency of operations at FULCO. The park is worked by three different road switchers. They are A713 Fulco Switcher #2 onduty at 0901, A715 Fulco Switcher onduty at 0630, and A717 Fulco Switcher 2 onduty at 1800(6:00p.m.). All three of these jobs are protected by conductors and engineers from Manchester, GA. The only rail traffic that I know about is the many blocks of UPFE and PFE refrigerator cars I handle off the Union Pacific in East St. Louis. They are waybilled to a cold storage warehouse at Fulco, GA. Their contents are usually frozen vegtables and french fries. CSXT train id for this train is Q687 which usually runs East St. Louis to Louisville, KY and sometimes on to Nashville, TN before it is humped. We call it the french fry express or the McDonalds train. I hope that this information was of use to you. Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY

-- Justin Dzan (, December 05, 2000.

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