What do you want for Christmas?

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What do you want for Christmas? If you could have anything what would it be?

-- Jen (Winter@nyc.com), December 03, 2000


If I could have ANYTHING, it would be for my wife to be totally healthy. She has a very poor immune system as well as some 'preexisting conditions' (the insurance people say), and they are always making her/our life harder. She's sick way too much and I always feel bad for her even though she's a trooper and she takes it like a man and doesn't complain much. But I love her and I hate seeing her all sick and icky and ouchy. So that's my wish. Fat chance.

I guess my second wish is a little more selfish, and comes from Radiohead's "Creep".

Nev the Deranged Psychopathic Motherf*cker

-- sh'yah right, whatever (nevthederanged@aol.com), December 06, 2000.

Interesting, Nev, that you answered in kind to my thinking. I had thought I would see materialistic things but I'm glad for your answer. I myself only wish for my wife's health. In April of this year she was diagnosed with a very large, very serious breast cancer. No need to go into the specifics, except for the point that it will ultimately come back, and will more than likely be the cause of her death. She's taken it all in stride, two rounds of chemo and it's side effects, mastectomy, reconstruction (do you really want to hear that her stomach fat is now filling a hole in her chest?), and now radiation. Not a fun year. My wish is for her to live long enough to see our kids married.

For me? That's enough I think.


-- Tony (osmotw@hotmail.com), December 07, 2000.

Wow.. I didn't mean for this to be so sad :( I'm sorry your family members are so sick. I hope you all have a nice Christmas.

-- JEN (WINTER@NYC.COM), December 07, 2000.

Thanks, it will be a good Christmas. Every moment has more meaning lately. Life is simply more special now.


-- Tony (osmotw@hotmail.com), December 08, 2000.

It's too bad that it takes something like that to make people realize how precious life is.

That sounded really corny, but it's true.

-- JEN (WINTER@NYC.COM), December 08, 2000.

I want chocolate

-- Josh (A@hotmail.com), December 07, 2001.

I want to be able to get along with you and gradually earn your trust back and stay sober. But I keep messing part of that equation up, so I guess its pretty much all on me.

-- Sam (sambo18@hotmail.com), December 08, 2001.

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