What is a deficiency payment?

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My bestfriend's car was repossesed recently. The car cost's about 6,000 dollars. He was behind and he knew the the consequences. What he wants to know is because the car was repossesed, does he have to continue with the payments, if any. I had a cousin that went through the same thing and she didn't have to pay a dime except for the repo's fee. Please email me with this urgent information a.s.a.p! Thankyou very much for you're time and cooperation.

-- wilda previl (wprevil@talkcity.com), December 02, 2000


Wilda, sorry but this is a UK site dealing with issues relating to repossessed houses. It's pretty unlikely that anyone reading it will be able to help you. Good luck elsewhere.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), December 03, 2000.

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