What is a swimmer diet?

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I'm wondering what should I eat having tree swimming trenings and two or tree gims a weak? Could you sent me an adress of a page, on which I can see instactionary movie in freestyle.

-- Rafał Jakubczyk (ravjak@poczta.fm), December 02, 2000


I am swimmer I have 12 years old my weight is 60 kilograms my hight is167 cm. I wondering if their any diet I must do ?

-- may helwa (helwanice@yahoo.com), March 11, 2001.

A swimmers diet would include alot of "Italian foods", mainly pastas. Before a meet, eat pasta,ravioli, lasagna, or something along those lines. There are a lot of carbs in theses foods. The night before a meet, do not drink orange juice, I think it has something to do with the acids in the OJ reacting with the acids in your stomach when you get nervous. During a meet eat grapes, bananas, bagels, gummi fruits, and granola bars, never ever eat honey, some swimmers do this for a quick energy burst, dont do it, its stupid and you end up very tired and that is if it kicks in at the time your want, not to mention you could get sick. Thats about it.

-- Michael Nelson (mike7_83@yahoo.com), January 29, 2002.

You should eat 6 to 8 meals per day of foods with a low Glycemic index plus fruit and vegetables. The amount of everything required for what you need to eat for peak performance depends on variables like height, weight and time spent training. I would say that the best meals possible would be carbohydrate rich food like pasta, rice, potato and bread. With these foods other requirements can be met by adding chicken or lean meat and/or stir fried vegetables or a fresh salad. When you snack this food you snack on should be healthy like nuts, fruit, oven baked fruit bars or musli bars. Apart from eating carbohydrate meals it is important to drink plenty of fluids, primarily water. That is about all if you want further information go type in a search for swimming and nutrition.

-- Eve (eve_olsen@hotmail.com), April 04, 2002.

i like to eat sugary foods and i am not a swimmer but i have low blood sugar level and when i eat sugar i get sugar rushes it mars bars full of energy

-- not phebs_9 (phebs_9@hotmail.com), September 19, 2002.

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-- Idalina (people@me.co.za), March 14, 2005.

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