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I'm wondering if anyone has pushed Kodak T400CN to 3200, and, if so, what sort of results you got? Kodak's tech sheet claims the film can handle three stops push. I'm assuming it'll get really contrasty. I'm planning on sneaking a Leica into church on Sunday, and probably shooting TCN at 3200. I'd prefer to use it instead of Delta 3200, as I don't really have time to run the Delta 3200 myself.

Any sugestions will be appreciated.

--Brad Daly

-- Brad Daly (bwdaly@hiwaay.net), December 01, 2000


It can go to 3200 and do it pretty well. Compared to a limited use of Delta 3200, TN 3200 produces better grain, but the tone range in contrasty light is a bit weak. (But, you'd expect that any way). Overall, this is a nice film. It has a host of issue because of its chromogenic status. There is plenty on this in the photo.net Q&A; search there.

I would test a few rolls and see how you like the grain, contrast, and resolution.

-- Chris Gillis (chris@photogenica.net), December 01, 2000.

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