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I just wanted to wish the guys the best of luck on the road this weekend,(Friday) and that they win!For the one and only time ever, I am hoping that St. Louis wins against Monterey, so we can play the Steamers here for the FINAL GAME!!

-- Jacquie (, November 30, 2000


I talked to one of the players tonight (long distance) and they hadn't left yet. One of his roomies came in from what I could hear in the background. I hope they have a excellent game tomorrow night. Best of wishes to all on the team. Sorry Stu to hear you had so many problems this season. They will get better. Beau, good luck against your old team. Revenge is much sweeter!!!

-- krazychic14 (, December 01, 2000.

I was wondering if anybody was going to the game to call and give somebody here in Utah an update so that the rest of Utah can know! I'm sure that it is a little late to ask now! Lets go Freezz! We will soon be the CHAMPS!!!!

-- Lisa Ferry (Lisa_Ferry@Hotmail.Com), December 01, 2000.

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