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I'm curious if anyone has tried to make an Arca Swiss 110mm lensboard fit a Canham DLC 45. The native Canham lensboard is Toyo 110mm compatible. The smaller Arca Swiss lensboard is also 110mm, however the size is different by a small amount, and the light trap design is also different. I've heard that it can in fact work, but you might have to add some material to make it light tight. Also, assuming it can be made to work, will Arca Swiss recessed boards work in the DLC? Anyones experience with this problem would be helpful.

-- Larry Huppert (, November 30, 2000


Larry: Seems to me (having used both) that the rounded corners on the Arca boards are the problem with cross-compatibility. Can I ask why you would want to do this?

-- Glenn Kroeger (, December 01, 2000.


The reason why I'm interested in this is because I'm considering an Arca 6x9 camera, and I already use a DLC. The Arca 6x9 cannot be adapted to either of the boards the DLC supports (the Toyo board or the Linhoff compatible board), so the only possible option to make the Arca board work with the DLC.

-- Larry Huppert (, December 01, 2000.

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