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This is not so much a question as it is FYI (for your info). In the latest issue of OWR Dave Stookey mentioned a number of publications that are begining to carry articles on rowing called "Your Press Clippings". In the article "Alan Bright's Next Boat", by Alan Bright the Magazine "Water Craft" is mentioned. May I also add the British magazine Classic Boat which also carries such articles, maybe not as many as "Water Craft" but they are there. I really enjoy "Messing around in Boats", and the recent article on rowing around the eastern U.S. in 1870's. The rower started near Pittsburg in January! He slept in his uninsulated boat many nights!

-- Tom Galyen (, November 30, 2000


Check the "Periodicals" page at the on-line Bookstore at for access to these and other publications.

-- David Stookey (, January 17, 2001.

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