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Airplane makes emergency landing Bloomington-bound craft touches down safely at Peoria airport; none hurt

November 30, 2000

By SARAH OKESON of the Journal Star

PEORIA - A Trans World Express commuter airplane bound from St. Louis to Bloomington was forced to make an emergency landing in Peoria on Wednesday because of problems with its landing gear.

The turboprop plane, which was carrying 30 passengers, safely landed at 3:50 p.m. at the Greater Peoria Regional Airport.

The plane was headed for Bloomington when a light indicating a possible problem with the landing gear came on about 3:30 p.m., officials said. The pilot decided to land in Peoria, and area police agencies and paramedics were put on standby.

"He flew by the tower with the landing gear down to let the guys look at it," said Peoria airport director Fred Traub. "I saw it in my fourth-floor office, and it looked OK."

But after the plane landed, the pilot found that a part of the landing gear apparently was broken, Traub said. The plane was towed off the runway, and the passengers were taken by limousine to Bloomington.

"Everybody's safe, and that's the important thing," said Traub. "Thank goodness it was a safe landing. The pilot did what he was supposed to do, and it all worked out."

Last month, a commuter plane flying from Bloomington to St. Louis was forced to land in Springfield after the pilot heard a popping sound just after the plane had taken off. The pilot also had problems with the landing gear at the front of the aircraft.

In 1999, federal officials sought a $222,000 fine against Trans States Airlines - which flies in Peoria, Bloomington- Normal and Springfield as Trans World Express - after the carrier flew nearly a dozen flights with some loose seats.

In 1999, Trans World Express was Peoria's top-ranked airline and Bloomington's most-used commuter carrier. The airline uses 30-seat, twin-engine Jetstream-41 turboprop aircraft in both cities for feeder flights to St. Louis.

-- Doris (, November 30, 2000


Loose seats? Loose seats? Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart?

-- Rachel Gibson (, November 30, 2000.

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