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Can someone maybe fill me in on what liba means. That's how it's pronounced, liba. I don't even know if it's a real word, but it's starting to bother me...

-- Jen (, November 29, 2000


Do either of these look like what your looking for?

labia - (lay be a) part of a woman's...area. (you look it up) Lybia - (lib e a) a country in North Africa.

-- Ebb (, January 03, 2001.

Hi. I from Malta, a very small island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a population of just 400,000 people.............but it's enough to be able to use a language of your own. In Malta we speak Maltese which is an official language and is about 1,000 years old.

In Maltese, LIBA is considered as a VERY rude word. It's a slang used to describe the male's sperm.

-- (, January 02, 2002.

Ah, thank you! I'm glad I've been finally clued in on the little "mystery."

-- Jen (, January 03, 2002.

I'm sorry to disapoint you but the word liba has nothing to do with slang but it a typical maltese flower similar to the sunflower or better known as 'Oxxommok'.

-- Gidi (, May 25, 2002.

ma tisthix titkellem hekk aaa pastas u njorant!!

-- il flower bejn saqajk qeda! (pastas@njorant.hekkhu), November 08, 2002.

Ja liba kollkhom

-- Fabian Fenech (, July 22, 2004.

SPERM sperma (f); liba (f) [sper'ma li'ba],

Liba meaning sperm is a commonly used word by the Maltese. The lower class use it as a swear word "Ja Liba", meaning "You piece of shit" or "You Wanker" or "You Asshole" or "You Fucker" can have many meanings depending on how you say it.


-- Eve (, October 29, 2004.

Liba is a popular drink with women! They like it a lot especially when it is hot and freshly squeezed (it can be easily obtained from nature).Either they drink it or else they like to spill on their breast or else they just spit it on the floor.A side effect of this drink is that if put in the wrong places it can cause pregnancy. Libya is a country. it is very hot and has a lot of sand and petroleum. You can obtain liba there too. Just ASK!

-- bertu (, January 05, 2005.

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