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I am setting up a new company in the education sector providing live and online delivery of a range for thinking skills. We have set up a limited company as a vehicle for the project and are assembling a Talent Bank of freelancers to work on various aspects of its delivery.

I need to retain overall control of the company but I am keen to provide the freelancers with the opportunity to share the profits and to benefit from the proceeds should we ever sell or float - although this is not our prime objective at this time. Does anyone know of any existing models for this kind of participation? It is important that any scheme we create is flexible as we will want to bring new people in over time.

-- John Biggs (, November 29, 2000


I can not think of a company that uses a business model built around freelancers other than of course sourcing places like and but I hope these following articles will prove useful to you:

Guide from an IBM consultant dwzone=startup - A virtual company

E-lance Economy

Legal Stuff html


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-- Mark Zorro (, November 29, 2000.

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