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I'm about stepping into large format. But I need some recommendation about what B&W film to use since most of the films I used to use are nt available in sheet size. I'm looking for slow/medium speed 5x7 film. I read in Photo Technique magazine that Apx 100 is regarded by some as the best. My second alternative is Ilford PF 4 plus, since I loved the pan f plus which doesn't exist in sheet sizes

The third is Kodak ektapan b&w sheet film.

Another question: is there a difference between 5x7 inch size & the 13x18 cm size? Do I need different holders? Kodak advertizes 5x7 while agfa 13x18; so should I buy a film holder for kodak films and another for agfa?


-- ahmad hosni (, November 29, 2000


This question was also posed on the Large Format forum, where it received several useful responses. 5x7 inch film is definitely different from 13x18 cm, and requires different film holders.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, November 30, 2000.

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