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My local Ford dealership is guaranteeing me that if I show up, I am guaranteed to receive a Black and Decker Espresso Cappuccino Maker (while supplies last).

The only thing is, the Black and Decker website doesn't mention that they make Espresso Cappuccino Maker.

Does anyone have or know of this item? Is it discontinued? About to be introduced? What's the suggested retail price? Does it make good coffee and is it easy enough to clean? Should I waste my time sitting through some sales pitch at a car dealership? I really do not want to buy a car.

Thank you, Andrew from Jersey City, NJ

-- Andrew Seidenfeld (, November 28, 2000


I just saw this yesterday at our local Drug Barn (something like Walgreen's, but smaller). It retailed for $12.99 and was on sale for $l0.00. It is three parts and the part that makes the espresso is plastic and goes in the microwave (not electric). It comes with this other piece that "froths" milk. It clearly was made by Black & Decker, but is definitely not electric. Funny I just saw it and then saw this message.

-- jane armfield (, May 08, 2002.

A co-worker was giving away a Black and Decker Espresso/Cappuccino maker so I took it. I'm still trying to find an owner's manual. It is the electric kind and not the microwave type. I cleaned it up and it does work but I'd like to have a manual to make sure that I'm working it properly.

-- Brad Madison (, December 22, 2002.

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