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Was the Croghan station on the Ashley River across from Charleston, SC ever used as a passenger station? What were its dimensions and what was the track plan around it? Any facilities such as water or wye? Does a photo or drawing of the Croghan station exist?mw

-- mike west (, November 28, 2000


I wondered if anyone ever paid any attention to this line.... I shot a few pictures along the line in the late 1970's. If I remember correctly, a daily train from Walterboro would, on M-W-F, run to Croghan. This varied some, but the 3 days a week seemed pretty consistent while I was there (1977-1980). The train typically had 2-3 smaller 4-axle units (overwhelmingly GP7 and U18B), but only one unit would run into Croghan. Did see 4 units make the run once but was not able to photograph or find out the reason for the use of the whole consist - the train still had just a few cars, as usual. Was very constricted at Croghan - don't remember structures, just wye. May be able to scan pix at some point in near future. Have some b/w, some chrome... David Harris

-- David harris (, May 21, 2001.

Here's a list of the produce sheds between Johns Is. and Croghan as well as their dimensions (as of 1918). Also in 1948, 162 total carloads of produce originated from the Croghan shed.

1. Nosbig - covered shed - 30'x82' 2. Melvin - covered shed - 30'x101' 3. Duneman - covered shed - 30'x139' 4. Dupont - covered shed - 16'x51' 5. Rhodes - covered shed - 38'x71' 6. Wappoo - covered shed - 16'x80' 7. Hoff - covered shed - 50'x80' 8. Vorhees - covered shed - 35'x154' 9. Ravenel - covered shed - 15'x30' 10. Harris - covered shed - 16'x95' 11. Brennan - freight station - 15'x30'; covered shed - 15'x80' 12. St. Andrews - covered shed - 30'x52'; 2 freight stations - 15'x109' & 18'x109' 13. James Island - covered shed - 20'x81' 14. Croghan - covered shed - 20'x31'

-- Buddy Hill (, November 29, 2000.

The former trackage from Johns Island to Croghan was part of the original C&S Rwy mainline between Charleston & Savannah. Following completion of Ashley River RR between Johns Island and Ashley Jct.(SY tower) in the late 1890s, that portion of the former C&S mainline between Johns Is. and Croghan was relegated to branchline status and known thereafter as the Croghan Branch.

Based on ACL valuation maps, the former mainline/branch ended in a wye. I have ACL correspondence dated from 1917 that discusses the abandonmnet of terminal facilities such as the former C&S engine house, water tank & well, etc. There is no mention of passenger facilities in the correspondence or on the valuation maps. Passengers originating from Charleston or from Northeastern RR trains were ferried across the Ashley River to board the C&S trains. Obviously there had to be some accomodation provided for passengers, but it would have ceased being used by the 1890s (cutoff via Ashley River RR) and abandoned by 1917 if not sooner (suggested by ACL correspondence).

Interestingly, during the War of Northern Aggression, the C&S Rwy and the NE RR constructed a connection across the Ashley River in the vicinity of the northbound Ashley River bridge and Spring Street (US 17) to expedite the transfer of men/material across the river. However, bridge and trackwork were removed soon after the end of hostilities.

Following the war/reconstruction period, truck farming south of Charleston gradually grew in importance, peaking between 1900 and the depression. The Croghan Branch along with the Meggetts Branch located about 7 miles further south became part of the ACL Charleston District's "Cabbage Patch" or Vegetable Territory. On both branches, sidings were built at frequent intervals to serve the numerous ACL and private produce sheds & covered platforms. There used to be a produce shed at Croghan. A 50K gallon water tank and 40-ton scale on were located on the branch at Johns Island.

Although photos of both branches are practically nonexistent, I believe there was a background shot of the Croghan Shed in a 1983?- 1986? Charleston News & Courier article on the abandonment of the branch. Will try to see what I find in the way of building dimensions on the Croghan shed and post it later. Hope all this rambling on helps.

-- Buddy Hill (, November 29, 2000.

Going through a number of ACL timetables back to 1900, there is no evidence that there was ever regularly scheduled passenger service on the branch from Johns Island to Croghan. Further, a 1935 list of ACL stations indicates that there were no agencys at any of the shipping points on the branch, including Croghan. These two findings suggest that there were no station buildings on the branch. The branch may have been built for truck farming business, but interestingly, the track to Croghan is still shown in early SCL(post-merger) employee timetables, both on the map and in the list of industrial sidings. Given the above findings, the track layout probably included a run-around track and some team tracks. Can anybody else add to this?

-- Tom Underwood (, November 29, 2000.

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