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I am going to begin posting weekly guitar lessons next Monday--December 4th. Those interested should obtain...a guitar that is well stringed , a book called "The Primary Guitar Method-Book One" by Dick Bennet, cost approx. $5.95 @, plus the ability to be able to tune a guitar. I will walk you thru this on the first lesson, when youobtain the book pick up a "pitch pipe"--about $6 as well, but if cost is a major thing you can pick up an "E-string pitch pipe" for just a couple of bucks. This book willgive you the ability to begin reading music, familiarize yourself with notes on the first 3 frets of 6 strings, and work with 6 different chords to strum. Lots of fun!!I'm rather new to this too;but I've picked it up quick and anyone with the desire can learn this simply as well. This could be done alone too--but Ithink it's more helpful having someone "walk you thru it" and cheer you on!!!!Hope to seesome of you there!!!All personal correspondence to me should be done via e-mail; ok? On this subject; and if the forum moderators want me to "move" these lessons to a different venue--like a msn community or something--let me know ok???Grace and peace---Beth

-- Beth Weber (, November 28, 2000

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