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Owners of more than 118,000 vehicles in Jackson
County received incorrect personal property tax
statements this month, but county officials said
Monday that they were working to correct the

. . .

Boley said it was difficult for county
officials to determine the depth of the problem
when they began to use the new tables and a new
computer software program that calculated the

"We figured there would be some problems, but
not to this extent," Boley said.

Kansas City Star

-- spider (, November 28, 2000


Jackson Countians slog through process of
resolving tax discrepancies

The county also began using a new computer
software package that was installed as part
of efforts to prepare for the anticipated
Y2K problem. The program didn't comply with
the new tables and caused hundreds of tax
statements to be incorrect.

Kansas City Star

-- spider (, November 30, 2000.

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