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I'm starting a project at the 1st of the year compiling images to post/archive on the net for posterity,the images are from 1970-2000 and are b/w negatives,color transparancies and slides.

I have $500.00 to $800.00 to invest in this equipment,obviously the less the better,but quality is of major importance.Does anyone have recommendations for particular scanners,in the semi-pro line? I should mention that this isn't a personal project but a business/career investment.

-- capnfun (, November 28, 2000


I believe Z is quite knowledgable in this area. If I recall he posted extensively on Anita's forum on just this very subject.


-- Bingo1 (, November 28, 2000.

Here's the link to that thread. Scroll down towards the bottom. BTW, ignore the Ferengi. He's harmless.

Imaging Thread

-- Bingo1 (, November 28, 2000.

Thanks Bingo,

I would have liked to emailed Z but..... I appreciate ya.

-- capnfun (, November 28, 2000.

Email me please Z or if anyone knows Z's email can you pass this on?

That thread dealt with cameras primarily.

-- capnfun (, November 28, 2000.


Go to Photo

And use scanner for a search. You will find lots of discussions.

This is, another Phil site.

Best Wishes,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, November 28, 2000.

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