Rats that are given small doses of a common pesticide develop symptoms that are eerily similar to Parkinsonís Disease. "Itís a very provocative study," says Abraham Lieberman, medical director of the National Parkinson Foundation in Miami.

While genetic factors are thought to be the cause of Parkinsonís in people under 50, this isnít true for late-onset Parkinsonís, which is the most common form of the disease, so researchers have looked for environmental causes.

Earlier this year, a study of 1000 people found that those who often used pesticides at home had a 70% higher risk of getting Parkinsonís. A University of California study revealed that California counties with the most pesticide use also had the most deaths from the disease.

The pesticide being blamed for this is called rotenone, which is a natural insecticide extracted from plant roots and is used by some organic farmers.

Source: New Scientist

-- JLS in NW AZ (, November 27, 2000


rotenone? Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

-- grant (, November 27, 2000.

Grant, rotenone in a pond certainly takes care of fish in next to nothing flat. I wouldn't doubt it at all. If it kills little things it isn't a far step to injuring larger things is it?

-- Doreen (, November 28, 2000.

Rotenone works by depleting the oxygen in water, effectively smothering the fish.

Parkinsons is from a small part of the brain not working, thought to be caused by oxygen deprivation to that small area of the brain.

The connection is obvious to me.

I know when I have used rotenone, even with a dust mask, my tongue, nose,sinuses and throat go numb for a few days after.

Just because it is organic does not mean it is good for you.

-- Laura (, November 28, 2000.

It would not surprise me at all since it does kill by affecting oxygen in living things. Water is simply the medium used in the pond. Look at it this way. If it affects living things then it can harm you also. If your system stores it , then it is a matter of time until you reach a harmful level. Or damage can happen a little at a time until the amount of damage becomes serious. All powders are harmful even without insecticides in them. For example , baby powder will stay in the lungs once it is inhailed. To be safe always use protective equipment and clothing when using them.

-- Nick (, November 29, 2000.

OH YOUR ASS CAUSES BABY POWDER. What sphere do you live in? Baby Powder and the methol of an an air filter, never caused the death of any child I ever knew. Guess it depends on the Sphere, you live in. Thank God!, I live in another sphere. Your choice, you decide.

-- After All (it is only @Rock, December 02, 2000.

Let me guess. Your knowledge in the area of talc is very limited.Just let me give the basics. Talc when taken into the lungs does not desolve. It can not be removed. Over years it can build up and cause lung damage. Those in the Amonium Nitrate field have severe problems with this . The talc used in nitrate production has the same properties as baby powder. Most doctors caution against its use.

-- Nick (, December 04, 2000.

I remember a story on thew news, oh, about 28 years ago, about an older man dying because of using too much baby powder. They also put out big warnings agains using it on babies, especially girls.

-- Cindy (, December 04, 2000.

Off the subject, but baby powder has been implicated in ovarian cancer.

-- pennie wessels (, June 07, 2001.

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