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Any suggestions on removing fingerprints from RC prints? The one I want to remove a few fingerprints from is printed on Ilford RC pearl finish. (Don't you HATE it when people are looking at your prints and feel the need "hold" them with their thumbs???) Thanks Arnie

-- Arnie Milowsky (, November 27, 2000


Edwal Film cleaner works great to remove finger prints and smears.

-- Gene Crumpler (, November 27, 2000.

If needed, you can always re-wash your prints. Also I would suggest you mat,or otherwise protect the prints you want to be handled carfully. Other wise, enjoy the fact that people are looking at your photos.



-- Christian Harkness (, November 27, 2000.

Arnie, I always have white boarders on my prints not only for good presentation but keeps fingers off the image. I also use Ilford RC papers with pearl finish and find lighter fuel good at removing grease marks etc. Regards,

-- Trevor Crone (, November 27, 2000.

Try microfiber cloth. The ones used to wipe lenses with.

-- Gdog Gdog Gd (, December 23, 2000.

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