Amazing. Florida Democrats has full control of the Legislature and Governors Office from the Civil War to 1998 and could have made any changes they wanted to the Election Laws. They : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

wrote what they wanted with rigid deadlines so the Republicans would not have adequate time to effectively challenge any elections. That worked very well for 140 years. Now that these rules have helped ALGORE to lose this election by a very thin margin, they are crying foul. Talk about poetic justice. What is good for the goose is good for the gander etc. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving bunch etc. etc. etc. The only problem is they are taking out their frustration on the whole country by requesting all of these recounts. The party faithful are becomming very annoyed and very distrustful of all politicians. Is this the dying gasp of the Democrat Party and it has come to All or None? Catherine Harris is following the law to the letter based on the advice of a DEMOCRAT LAW FIRM. Did they give her wrong legal advice just to set her up for all of this criticism? Would that be legal malpractice. Of course with 1,000 attorneys involved in the fiasco, could you find one to take on another attorney in a malpractice case. About as likely as ALGORE finding another 10,000 votes in a closet someplace. On second thought that could happen. 500 more ballots were found last night in Palm Beach County but that was not quite enough. They were lost for 18 days? What kind of an operation are they running down there? We better send in the FBI and the DEA to investigate. All of the Palm Beach recount tabulations were not submitted by 5:00. Does FLORIDA LAW and the FLORIDA SUPREME COURT RULING allow late acceptance of these missing tabulated votes? Probably not but watch the screaming by the Democrats if The Secretary of State does not accept them because by the terms of the law and the Court decision she is not allowed to. Amazing. Just Amazing. P S Bush will win the vote tabulation in Florida including numerous recounts. Will he be President? Will the U S Supreme Court decide?

-- Clarence Darrow (Darrow@legaleagle.gum), November 26, 2000

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